November 6th, 2008

Here we go again… I am going to try and add a blog to my website. I’ve tried this before, but to the outsider, my life is pretty boring, so I may not have enough to share to make it worth you, the reader’s time! At least I figured out how to get it to feed automatically to my website. I got a gold star today!

Being a single mom, working full time, with a pre-teen and a house full of animals, 6 guinea pigs, 4 felines & 2 canines (Azule the beta just died this week, after a long life of almost 2 years, I sure he will be replaced soon since we have the tank and the food!) doesn’t really give me much time for me! I am lucky if I find time during the day to read the newspaper that I recently started up delivery. Many times it winds up in the guinea pig pen before I get a chance to read it! But at $9.00 for 5 weeks, it is far cheaper than recycled bedding at $20+ a bag per week! Most news that I need to know in Orlando, I can get from the TV or internet. The election and Casey Anthony had pretty much taken over for a few weeks. I got real tired of both, and am glad the election is over. Now let’s just hope we realize some changes in the coming month

Today was a day like most, up early, feeding the animals, walking the dogs, today Tara was up with me too. Then we made a quick trip to the 24 hour Wal-Mart Market to pick up a bag of cat food. The cats were circling me, as their dry food bowl was EMPTY! They were not happy! Any other time they can be found eating the dog food, but no not this morning!

It was a beautiful fall day today. We had a couple damp and gloomy days, but believe it or not, I enjoy them from time to time. You need a little change now and then.

Speaking of change, it looks like my employer after many years is reversing it’s thoughts about their management workforce, where the job allowed it to work from a home office rather than having office space in an AT&T location, so the girl will be joining the commuting folks in the next few months. Of course, any major change when unexpected and unwanted can be unsettling, in these times staying employed is the key objective. It will mean changes to just about every routine we have in our family, but we have time to plan and adjust. I am sure I will have more thoughts to share about this in coming weeks, as we find out more information!

Tonight is “good TV” night, and I have not watched any of it! Thank goodness for the DVR, so when I can’t sleep at night, I can watch what I have missed. DVR – one of the top 10 best inventions of all times in my book! Sad isn’t it! TV is my main entertainment. I get distracted too easy it seems to sit and read a book. I have so many I would love to read, but never seem to get to them. I’d love to do some crafty things too – be creative with my hands, but the closest I come there is with my camera and a computer! Both are great hobbies, but sometimes I want more!

How do mothers with multiple kids and a significant other carve time out for themselves? I guess they do share some responsibility with the SO, but I know from conversations, and my limited experience at sharing parenting with an infant with my ex, that they aren’t always that much help! Some days, I don’t even seem to find time to hop in the shower. That will have to change when I am out in public every day…Other mom’s are involved in this and that committee, their kids are involved in activities, and they all make it look so easy…. but I guess we don’t see what goes on behind closed doors. I am sure they are more organized than I, and they probably have a PLAN. I wing it most days, since whenever I make a PLAN, something comes along to change it. I need to work on PLANNING!

Today, I made some very tasty soup. Goya 16 bean soup. Tara even liked it – beans, carrots, celery, ham flavoring, a little diced ham, and water. Easy to make, tasty and nutritious. I need to find some more quick, inexpensive, nutritious meals…. I find it hard to plan meals for the two of us!

Yesterday, Tara and took a quick mid-week trip to Downtown Disney. Sadly (I really miss them this time of year) we no longer have annual passes for Disney, so Downtown Disney being the free shopping and dining area has to do in a pinch to get some Disney Magic. I really needed it, and Disney did not disappoint. The area was adorned in it’s holiday finest, which put a smile on my face, and had my (well Tara’s) camera clicking. I love to photograph the merchandise displays and windows. We had a quick bite at Rainforest Cafe, only to find out they had opened a new restaurant (owned by the same company as RFC – Landry), TREX, which is dinosaur themed. We went in and checked it out and it is “way cool”. They even have Build-A-Dino store – so Tara got a new dinosaur friend to add to our Build-A-Bear collection. We hope to get back over there on Saturday to take in the Festival of the Masters Art Exibition. It’s one of the things we have never made it to, and I look forward to it. You can check out my photos here…Downtown Disney 11-05

Well, I guess that’s all for this first installment…. today was a non eventful day, nothing even remotely funny or news worthy to report!

Gas price today – $2.29 at my neighborhood 7-11(yesterday on Disney property it was $2.11)

Stay tuned, it has to get better!

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