TGIF 11/7/08

I am so glad that today is Friday. Tara has been saying that the weeks have been going very fast for her, but we both agreed this one felt a bit longer. It does not feel like just last week was Halloween. We had such a fun night and a wonderful weekend, but the memories seem so long ago!

Today was a good day, nothing out of the ordinary happened. I was busy with work, presenting an overview of one of our “tools” to some folks who will be starting to use it for their job. I normally am okay with these types of teleconferences, but today I was just off my game. I had some techinical difficulties, and my voice was bad today. I really feel bad for folks that have to listen to me speak for too long….

Let me back up in case anyone s reading this that does not know me. I have a paralyzed vocal cord, which means that I always sound like I have laryngitis, some days it is better than others, but it is never good. I have no volume, so I can’t raise my voice, and find it difficult to hold a conversation of any kind when there is too much background noise. This is a terribly frustrating condition, and at times can be really exhausting when I am trying to get my point across to someone who just can’t hear me well enough. Cell phone calls in noisy places (thank goodness Tara loves to Text!), ordering at the drive thru, and just in general talking to anyone anywhere it is loud! Yes, in the realm of “disabilities”, this one is not so bad, but I don’t think some folks realize the impact it does have on me each day! Whenever I met someone for the first time, they think I am sick. I’ve had people back up and tell me not to breath on them, I’ve had people ask if I was out having too good of a time the night before (in particular when we are out at a theme park…. people think it’s vacation related!), Tara’s friends will always ask her what’s wrong with you mom’s voice.

Anyway, all in all I guess the training went well, and I had quite a few other things to work on as well.

I was very glad when it was 5pm, and fortunately today, Tara was able to be outside playing with the kids down the street so she was not asking to go out to do something. They are not able to play some days, and then she is in the house bored! She really loves being outside running around, riding her Rip Stick etc. Since she was out playing, I was able to just chill on catch up on some emails, etc! She was crashed out by 8:00!

I am being totally annoyed right now by Maia, our Yorkie. She can be so sweet and funny sometimes, but other times she is such a pest. She thinks she is the “boss” of all the other animals, and barks and whines when one or more of them are somewhere she does not think they should be or doing something she does not want them to! I just had her outside, so I know it’s not that! Princess on the other hand, our lab weimeraner mix, is a pretty obedient dog and will usually be found laying right next to me (I always have to look behind before I back up from the computer so I don’t run her over), or in one of her “people” positions on the sofa. She sleeps on her back sometimes and it is very silly.

As you can tell, today was a boring and uneventful day in our home! Some days boring and uneventful is good though…..

We have plans to go to Downtown Disney again tomorrow to check out the Festival of the Masters and some other things they have going on, and I’m not sure what else. There was rumors of one of Tara’s friends sleeping over tomorrow night, but I didn’t hear anymore of that!

I guess I will end now….. there’s towels to fold and TV to watch, and menus to plan for next week. (This is something I’ve trying to do for weeks now, but as usual I wind up “winging” it at the store

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