Middle of the Week Blues

I am going to get an early start to my entry for the day, although I am sure it will be a compilation of events and thoughts throughout the day. It seems by evening time, when the day is winding down, so am I! Last night I had good intentions for accomplishing “stuff”, only to wake up at 12:30 and realize I had been asleep since 8:30! Not really a bad thing, since I can use the sleep, but I never really went fully back to sleep. I was up at 3am when I realized I had not done the load of laundry I promised to do. I get upset with Tara when she “forgets” to do things, but lately, I am not much better!

Speaking of forgetting things, how much time do you spend each day looking for things you have misplaced? Now I’m not talking about things they you have not used recently but thing that you JUST had minutes before. I do this all day long with my glasses. I need them for reading/computer work, but not for walking, watching TV. They don’t fit nicely on my head like my sunglasses do, so when I get up from what I am doing, to let the dog out, or whatever, I talke them off and set them down. Now I don’t always do this before I get up, sometimes it’s an after thought when I realize that if I take another step with them on I will FALL! I then return to whatever I was doing, and realize I don’t have my glasses….. but where are they? I do this more than once a day most days. Most times they can be found on the back of the sofa or love seat, or on the kitchen counter, but this morning… they were on the floor in the back of the car. I had taken them with me and they had fallen out. I am soon going to have to admit that I am OLD, and get one of those things for around my neck to hold my glasses. Think how much extra time I will have in my day to look for all of the OTHER things that get misplaced.

Once again, after dinner, I sat down to watch TV, and next thing I knew it was 10pm, dozed back off and it was 12:30am, of course the dogs (well dog – Maia) wanted to be up at 4am. Is it any wonder I am always tired. Having pets is worse than having an infant in the house (well at least in my house!)

So as you can see – another uneventful day in the life of Martha! Uneventful is good in some ways… it means nothing BAD is happening, but when you are trying to write about life it is just down right BORING!

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