Day 3 – Growth

Day 3’s photo is a group of new palm trees that were planted in the recreation area of our neighborhood association. We live in an area called Waterford Lakes, that is made up of several smaller sub divisions. I drive by this recreation area probably 360 days a year….. only time I wouldn’t drive by it is if I don’t leave the house. I love these new trees, it now makes the area look like FLORIDA. Before it really could have been anywhere.

My plan is to photograph this picture next year, same time to see how much they have grown. I am also looking at this next year as a year of growth for me. I have become so stagnant. I work, take care of Tara, the house, the pets, but I really do not do much for myself. Since Tara was born, I have become Tara’s mom, and Martha has gotten lost. Our children should be our first priority, but to what expense of ourselves. I need to find this balance.

Will we still be in Florida this time next year? Last year we thought we would be back in PA for the holidays, but 18 months later we are still here. What other things will change over the next year? I am not a planner (I guess that has been my problem most of my life?), I pretty much live day to day. People would ask about a 5year plan in your life/career, and I would not have an answer. I suppose I never really knew were I was going, I was just working on getting to the next day! Will my mother move to Florida with us? That depends on something else not in my control, and this if my employer sends me back to work in an office after years of working from home…. just changing that one thing, changes so many things that have become our routine, our life!

Anxiously waiting to see what 2009 brings my way!


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