Day 4 – Morning Coffee

I love my morning coffee, and I love drinking it out of fun mugs. I have several Disney mugs, and mugs with palm trees, as well as a collection of Starbuck’s travel mugs. They were always fun to buy and use when I spent more time in the car with coffee. Right now, I rarely take hot coffee with me, but will occasionally stop at McDs for an Iced Coffee!

This mug makes me think of Disney and Christmas time. I bought it at the Caribbean Beach Resort gift shop when my sister Linda visited. Probably four years ago! The Disney Blend coffee is good too!

Tara asked me the other day while we were sharing a Starbuck’s coffee drink from a bottle, when I started drinking coffee, and I really don’t recall. I know I HATED the smell of coffee when I was a kid. Was that because my mom disliked coffee? She disliked chocolate ice cream too, and I never liked it much when I was young! I don’t recall drinking coffee in college either, back then it was not such a big thing, I remember hot chocolate from packets and water from the hot pot (no microwaves in college rooms back the either!). The earliest time I remember being part of my morning (now that does not mean it did not happen before) was when I worked in a beautiful building near Dulles Corner, VA. They opened a coffee shop in the lobby, and you could not help but smell the delicious blends brewing as you walked by. I think that was where I bought my first “flavored” coffee beans. Chocolate Raspberry, and come to think of it, I probably had to buy a Mr. Coffee too! Fond memories of days can by.

See what kinds of thoughts posting a simple picture of my morning coffee can bring!

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