Totally boring Thursday

Oh – don’t you just love the Turkey background? Why yes I do! (I have to answer the question myself because at this point, I have no clue if anyone is EVEN reading my blog!)

We are on the downward side of the work week slope and I am glad that it is almost the weekend. I guess we did more than we have done in recent months the past couple of weekends, so I have not felt as rested. Happier probably, but just not rested!

I never finished yesterdays post… OOPS……

The day was uneventful.

The roast I made in the crock pot was great, and it DROVE the dogs crazy all day. They wanted at the meat!

Survivor was good (I watched it at 3am)! I’m glad to see things getting shaken up a bit! Randy needs to go. He is arrogant!

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