Photo Challenge

I stumbled upon this photo challenge on “The Zen in You

Here are the rules…

1. Open the 4th photo folder of your computer.
2. Choose the 4th photo of that folder & publish it on your blog.
3. Explain the photo.

The 4th photo album happens to be my Disney’s Animal Kingdom folder. (For those that don’t know me from my blog, I live 1/2 hour from Disney, and much of my photography since we moved her in 2003 has been in and around Disney! I’m in the process of making a step up to a DSLR in the next few weeks and I’m EXCITED!

This picture was taken on 2/5/2006, my first day out at Disney with a new camera (Canon S2-IS), which was a nice step up for me from my small HP Point and Shot! This was the first time that I had noticed that boat…it is in Discovery River moored near the bridge that crosses from Discovery Island into Asia. I loved the colors and design of the boat, as well as the reflections in the water. The morning was very crisp, cool and clear!

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