Camera Critters – Blue Striped Ribbon Snake

Camera Critters 1st Anniversary
This week is the 1st Anniversary for Camera Critters. Why don’t you stop by and share your favorite “Critter” pic. Every week there are some great ones!

We encountered this little “fellow” on our drive through Tosohatchee Wildlife Management Area on Thursday. I almost ran over him, but realized just before I got to it that it was a snake in the “road”. I am not a fan of snakes, but I would not want to kill one in the wild (i.e. not in my YARD) unnecessarily. I stopped the car, opened the door and took a few pics. We didn’t have a plan to go there, and I only had on flip flops, so we really didn’t get out of the car, except to shoot a couple flowers near the side of the “road”.

I did not know what type of snake it was, so I googled “Florida Snakes” and found that he is a “Blue Striped Ribbon” snake.

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  1. He’s very pretty. I live in Florida and nearly run over a snake on a number of occasions. The first time I saw a snake in the road, I thought it was someone’s belt. I was wondering, “How da heck do you lose your belt by the side of the road?” and then I realized it was a snake when it moved!Happy Critturday!Tink *~*~*Critters on the Castle: The White Rabbit

  2. I always loved the feel of a coiled snake as well as the scales and flickering tongues. Looks very similar to a garter snake.

  3. oh my! I don’t know why I am really afraid of a snake. Visit my flamingos here, also my colorful parrots here. thanks and happy one year anniversary to you.

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