Virtual GNO (Girls Night Out)

Tara and I got our school work out of the way early today, and we headed out for much needed pedicures. I’m thinking a RL Mom/Daughter Day out is a good segway into VGNO! Here are my pretty toes and my new Target Flip flops. My right toe nail has acrylic on it.. I had chipped a huge piece off the side tripping over a dog lead one way too early morning when I was letting out the dogs. I figured I would have to deal with a crooked nail for months, but no… it is perfect!

After we were done, we realized that our favorite sushi restaurant right next door was having 10% off when you dined in to celebrate their 2nd anniversary. Who can pass up a Sushi sale? Not us. Tara has been wanting to try octopus (not me, no way, no how), so in addition to her California Roll, we ordered her a piece of Tako Nigiri (little blurry!)

This is what Tara thought of the octopus. The faces were worth the $2.50!!!

We then headed to the eye doctor to pick up my new progressive lens glasses. Finally. I think they will need a little getting used to, but I loved that I could be driving and see the screen on my IPHONE. Will take a picture with my new highlighted hair eventually, when I have it all together!

This is what I will be indulging in tonight for VGNO. It’s only 2:15, so I need to wait a bit though.

Would you like one?

I guess Oprah likes these. Click for a recipe from Rachael Ray. For me, the premixed stuff is so much easier!
Edited to add at 4:15 – Momma needed a little HAPPY HOUR!

You might want to stop over at JAM’s too. She’s having a cool giveaway and DESSERT!
Ann’s VGNO questions:
What Easter candy do you just have to have? I have to have one little pack of peeps, and I do love the malt ball eggs too. I try not to buy too much candy, as Tara and I don’t need it. We still have a fridge full of the buckeyes we made last weekend. One of Ann’s traditions is Hot Cross Buns, and I love them too. I think I might try and make them from scratch. I know I have baked them in the past! Ann likes See’s coconut filled chocolate eggs. I DO NOT, it is a texture thing. Those little pieces of coconut seem to stay around for days even with tooth brushing!
We will be coloring some eggs, and she wants me to hid plastic eggs for her to find. She loved when she was YOUNG enough for the Easter Bunny to come visit, and ‘he’ would hide eggs inside and outside.

We will be having a quiet Easter, this should be the last holiday without family! An early morning trip to the beach for some quiet meditation and prayer. We never found a church here that was a great fit for us. Something I hope to change once we get back home. We will be living practically next to the church I grew up in and my mother still attends. Can’t find too many excuses for not attending with that scenario!

Well, to continue our Mom/Daughter afternoon, I’m headed out to the pool. I’m not promising I will be getting IN the pool, but at least I will be sitting with my feet dangling in the water!

HAPPY VGNO to all!

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  1. hi thanks for coming by my blog for VGNO! I hope you’ll come again! I have never had a pedicure before, but I decided to grow out my toenails (which is really hard for me because I usually cut them as soon as I see any whites!) so that I could get a pedicure. lol, So now I have to go get one or clip them because they are grossing me out being longish!! But it looks like I’ll have to go alone boooo!

  2. I too am a Peep lover…they have to be stale though :O) the toes look fabulous and the drink looks delish! you sure are ready for the weekend…. Hope you have a wonderful Easter and Happy VGNO!!!

  3. Orlando Florida!! NICE!!! Enjoy the beach. I am typing with my jacket on and considering grabbing the space heater to keep me warm. Maybe, my margarita will kick in.

  4. Mmm….Buckeyes…I haven't had those for a long time.. I should make some…Enjoy them! I love your toe nails and flip flops, so colorful and "springy" =) Happy Easter & VGNO!

  5. my daughter and i went our for a pedicure this morning! must be something in the air, we all want pretty feet 🙂 your toes look great!Happy Easter & Happy VGNO

  6. I need to do that with my daughter — we are the only two girls in the family. That drink looks good! Not a big Easter candy eater unless it is a reeses. Happy VGNO!Hope you have a wonderful Easter.

  7. Sounds like you and your daughter had a great day! A pomegranate mertini sounds great! Stopping by from VGNO!ali

  8. Sounds like you and your daughter had a wonderful day out. Nothing could take the place of that. I am so glad I found another Peep lover, I swear most people hate them. mmmmm they are so good. Have a nice and relaxing Easter!

  9. i will have to make me a pomegranate.. martini..VIRGIN-!! i better go looking for that recipe. cause i am wanting one!maybe we will go for sushi also.. we even love octopus.

  10. I wish I had that much fun in school when I was a kid! My sister and I are going for pedi’s on Thursday. Can’t wait!It’s only noon here, so I still have to wait a little bit. But when 5:00 rolls around I’ll definitely have one of those Pomegranate Martini’s you are serving up! btw… I can’t pass up Sushi even if it’s NOT on sale!TGIF and happy VGNO!

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