A Thousand Words Thursday – Emmie and Cassie

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Wow, it is THURSDAY again. Time for “The Mom Jen’s” A Thousand Words Thursday, where we can share our favorite photos from the past or present. Click on the button above to join in or just visit other submissions!

Today, I am sharing a collage (or mosaic if you like), and a rather long story! 1,000 words RIGHT? The pictures are of two or our cats, Emmie and Cassie. Emmie and Cassie have been part of our family since May 2001, when we adopted them from a cat rescue We saw them, and instantly fell in love. They have been amazing pets for all of these years, and we love them dearly. Sadly however, we are moving from our home in Florida, to an apartment in PA. While the apartment is near as big as our home, they will only allow two pets, we have SIX! Four cats and two dogs. Emmie and Cassie have seniority, but for several reasons they won’t be two we are keeping. It has been breaking my heart, and really holding me back from moving forward with my other preparations for moving. Well, today, in the midst of bags of trash and donations, my mom called to tell me she found a home for them.. TOGETHER and in PA. A woman from her church will make them a part of their family. They have a cat who is 17, and no kids, just two adults. I CRIED on the phone I was so happy. They will not be separated, they will go right to their new home when we move, they won’t have to be in a cage in a shelter waiting to be adopted…. I had nightmares about saying good by to them. Now we will be able to visit whenever we want!!!!!

Now I just have a 4 year old yorkie and 4 year old cat to place. Less concerns here.. they are still young, and don’t need to be placed together!!!

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  1. Beautiful cats, tugs at my heart to know you will have to say goodbye – but thank heavens for awesome people out there who will love them TOGETHER! šŸ™‚ You have given them lots of love…so sweet.

  2. Your cat’s cute! I actually found someone the other day with the same background template, not the header though. I really like it! I will be getting something custom one of these day though. Happy ATWT!

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