Friday Fragments

We had a pretty quiet week around our house…we did not really go anywhere or do anything much.

Friday Fragments?

Friday Fragments is that place to post all the stuff that happened during the week that don’t warrant an entire post. This is hosted by Mrs. 4444 over on Half Past Kissin’ Time. Click on the button and visit all the randomness of blogland!

On Tuesday, I watched my great nephews while my niece worked. Tara enjoys have them over (they are 8 & 9) and she is turning them both into Webkinz addicts like her. I really thought this phase would be over, but she had gotten back into them. She has even made some online friends that she chats with on Skype. We headed out to see Kung Fu Panda the featured FREE movie at Frank’s Theater this week with the boys. I also baked cookies for Operation Cookie Drop to be sent to a service man abroad.

I actually READ a entire book. It’s been some time since I completed a book I started. After our day trip to “Amish Land” last week, I was reminded of several series of books my mother has in her library closet by Beverly Lewis. I knew she had them, as I had given many of them to her as gifts. Ms. Lewis writes Amish fiction. I picked up “The Covenant” the first book in the series of five called Abram’s Daughters. The first book was very good, a quick read, with a little scandal that I am sure will unfold more in the next books.

Yesterday, Oliver the Guinea Pig, was outside on the patio (in his cage) minding his own business when some renegade dog somehow realized he was there, and was not only barking very loudly at him, but KNOCKED the cage apart. Luckily Oliver fled the cage and put into practice his avoidance moves that he practices every time I have him out and have to catch him. The dog had on a leash, but some how his idiot owner did not realize he had gotten lose. I suspect from previous encounters with this dog (who was in the car and I thought for sure would come right through the window and Princess and myself) that he some how got out of the car. I think the lawn crew clued him into the fact that his dog was lose. The dog almost had an encounter with “The Weimeraner’s”, two very large dogs who were being walked by our patio about the same time all of this was happening….. I am glad that Oliver was not dog chow!

Speaking of guinea pigs, we will probably be heading to the theater to see G-Force this weekend… a movie about secret agent GUINEA PIGS. I am sure it will be less that spectacular, but come on… just watching the guinea pigs will be a hoot. I can watch Oliver run around the patio for hours and he amuses me!

Hmmm, what else. We are headed to a combined birthday party for my 8 year old Gavin and 14 year old Tyler on Saturday. They are 2 of my three great nephews you hear me speak of… (read me type of?) My nephew (their uncle) also celebrates his 31st birthday on Monday, so I am sure we will celebrate with him as well! I can’t wait to take some pictures. This is where KHAN lives, but I believe he will be banished to the basement that day.

Anyone watching Big Brother. I normally am so excited to watch each episode of this show, but this season I just can’t get into the house guests. There are very few that I really like (Jeff is HOT and seems like a nice guy), but many more that I can’t stand… Jessie, Ratboy Ronnie, Natalie, the list goes on, and I was really NOT happy with the winner of HOH this week….

Great, now that I’m ready to go to bed PRINCESS is sleeping in my bed. Not at the foot of the bed…she is sleeping exactly where I should be sleeping… I guess I’m lucky she does not have her head on my pillow. My faithful companion has to have surgery to have a rather large growth removed from her side… kind of low on the side but not really her belly, it is about the size of an orange and “hangs” kind of loose… I hope it is a benign growth. The vet did not elude to what he thinks it might be… just that it should be removed (no dah!). She will be having surgery on Wednesday!

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  1. I have only two very terrible guinea pig stories you do not want to hear, so this post was delightful. I loved how you wrote about Oliver's evasive tactics-very funny and CUTE.Our dog has a similar growth, though much smaller. I suppose surgery is in his future, too.How was the movie?P.S. Sorry it took me so long to get here–I was gone for the whole weekend and am just now getting caught up! Thanks for playing FF!

  2. Yep, I am watching Big Brother too and I'm kinda waiting for some spice as well. It's a tad on the boring side for some reason.Happy VGNO!I am going to enter your giveaway too!

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