ABC & Watery Wednesday – Disney Hollywood Studios

I’ve been touring Disney Hollywood Studios in the various meme’s I participate in this week, and I am continuing today! Click Mellow Yellow Monday or Ruby Tuesday. I’ve got things planned for the rest of the week too, so stop back!

Watery Wednesdsay this week is brought to you by the letter “F” and Disney Hollywood Studios. This Disney park is all about the movies, and with movies you have special effects. Some of the most dramatic special effects involve FIRE and WATER.

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Lights, Motor, Action – this show at DHS represents the filming of a chase scene in a movie. It’s pretty cool to see how they do some of the stunts. In this photo there is fire on the water.

I found this video that shows about 8 min of the 30 min show. The part that I photographed is of course near last few seconds!

The BackLot Tour is a behind the scenes look at special effects.
We have Catastrophe Canyon – First there is FIRE and then a FLOOD, coming straight at you on the tram you are riding. Yes, in some parts of the tram you DO GET WET.

Muppet Fountain with Fozzie filming Miss Piggy!

Fantasmic is a popular night time show, that is about Mickey’s dream about good and evil. Here is some more fire on the water from that show. Fire on water is always dramatic, but the fact that all is dark makes this even more so (and pretty warm if you are in the front row!)

I hope you enjoyed this tour!

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