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Friday Fragments?

Friday Fragments is hosted my Mrs. 4444, and is the place we can blog about all those little things that have happened during the week that don’t warrant a full blog. This week flew right by, Christmas is going to be here before we know it!

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GMYBS is hosted by Lolli at Better in Bulk, for us to showcase our best shot(s) of the week. Lolli was lucky enough to go to NYC and the premier of Motherhood this week. Check out her post, and share you favorite photo of the week too!
This is one of my best shots of the week. Tara and I spent lots of time outdoors this past week. I took this last Friday, after a rather “tense” 24 hours before at home. The day was gorgeous and the water on the lake calm. It was the perfect place to clear my head and readjust my attitude. (Click here for other photos from that day). This photo also works for Weekend Reflection hosted by James.

First, please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers. Little Donna is 4 yr old who has battled brain cancer for 2 1/2 yrs. Donna is at the end of her journey here on Earth. I can not even begin to imagine the sadness her family is experiencing. I don’t know the family, but I have followed their journal for quite awhile. This little girl has lived “gracefully, and hopefully, and realistically, and joyfully.” We could all take a lesson from this little one!

Also, my 85 year old mother, Betty, is headed off in about 24 hours for her third trip (since turning 80) south to help with Katrina relief. This time to Baton Rouge, LA with a group of 5 other folks from her church. She makes me proud! If you could keep them in your thoughts for a safe journey and a successful week. Even thought Katrina was four years ago they still need help!

There has been a penny HEADS DOWN laying by our front door for 3 days now. I WILL not pick it up… That really seems like inviting bad luck to enter our lives. Not that I’m really superstitious or anything!

We are in the midst of two N’easter storms and it’s been snowing in the Poconos, about 2 hours from home. Tara has been begging me to drive her to see it. She hasn’t seen snow in 6 years and 8 months, and she really wants to see it. I will consider driving there on Saturday if snow is still on the ground. Feb 2003, the last snow that Tara has seen.

I’ve been sleeping in Tara’s room this week, hoping maybe she would fall asleep earlier with me in the same room. I’m not sure it has helped much, but I do have to say, I sleep VERY WELL on the futon that is the bottom bunk of her bunk bed!

Watching baseball playoff games is SOOO stressful, especially when they play late games for us on the East Coast. We were up cheering the Phillies on to victory until after midnight last night. They are ahead in the NLCS 1-0, winning against the LA Dodgers in LA last night. That’s huge! 14 yrs out of 17 years, the winner of the first game has gone on to win the title. I SO want to see them repeat the World Championship this year now that I am back in Philly! UGH – they LOST – not just LOST, they THREW the game away tonight!

Tara’s cat Kovu has fallen in the bathtub three times this week while Tara’s been taking a bath. You would think he would figure out by now that he should not walk along the edge of the tub when it is full of water!
During one of our walks in the park, we came across this. Either someone had a pillow fight with a goose down pillow, or something terrible happened here. What do you think?

Myself and 3 kids (12, 9 & 8) sat through the double feature of Toy Story and Toy Story 2 on Monday. I love those movies, and being in 3D made them even better. I can’t wait to see Toy Story 3, coming out in JUNE. I’m hearing good things about Where the Wild Things Are. I have never read that book. Tara says she loved the book in 1st grade when they had it in their classroom library. I’m hoping to see it this RAINY weekend.
So, what are your plans for the weekend? I’m hoping to attend VGNO tonight! I’ve got a great bottle of Spiced Apple Wine that I’ve been waiting for the perfectly chilly night to open, or maybe I’ll pick up something a little harder and have a nice coffee drink! The Phillies play earlier today, so I might have to start drinking EARLIER if the game is anything like the last few!

Have a great day!


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  1. I love the reflection! I can't believe how much snow you have in your picture, and about the penny… what if you turn it to heads, then maybe a day or 2 later pick it up!

  2. I love those photos in your header! Happy Blogoversary! I tried to sign up to follow, but I guess I already do! My memory leaves me a bit more each day!Just stopping by from VGNO! Have a great week!

  3. Your blogoversary is fast approaching! If I could follow you more than once, I would! ;)LOVE that lake shot! BEAUTIFUL!!So sad about Little Donna…will definitely keep her and her family in my thoughts and prayers.Your mom ROCKS! :)I wanted to see Toy Story in 3D, but that long in a movie theater with a 6 year old probably wouldn't be conducive to my sanity. 😉 I think PN is interested in seeing Where the Wild Things Area – let me know if it's good! :)Hope you're enjoying your weekend! 🙂

  4. I hope the game ended in your favor :)Happy Early Blogiversary :)N'oreasters already?! How can that be?!Your mom-that's so cool. What does she do to help? I'm so happy for you; that you have a mom who is so independent. Have a great weekend…

  5. Martha… you sent me over to read about Little Donna and I'm just a blubbering mess right now. What a strong, amazing child she is. And my heart cries for her parents and what they are going through right now.Love the picture of the lake. You live in such a gorgeous area for all of the fall colors.Hope you are enjoying your weekend. I'm sure we'll be treated to some stunning pictures from you if you were able to make it up to the snow.And one more thing… Your mom is amazing!

  6. Love the reflection, a perfect day for a perfect reflection… I think the cat secretly LIKES taking a bath! Don't know about the feathers, maybe the cat was there, too!Blessings to your mother and prayers for the little girl & her family.

  7. We've had about 6 inches of snow here in Western NY in the past couple of days- they actually had to stop cutting corn at the farm yesterday because the snow kept building up around the head, plugging it and the snout repeatedly.Your mother sounds like one amazing lady!

  8. I didn't know it snowed in the Pocono's- my mom & Uncle (actually, most of my mom's side of the family) live in PA (an hour or so from the Pocono's?)I fear we're going to see it here in Central NY sooner than we want!Hope you had a great VGNO!

  9. We saw the Toy Story this week and it was so fun! My daughter (who is 6) was most impressed by the fact that there was an intermission just like on the old movies that we watch. She told me "having an intermission makes me feel like I am in old movie times, like it is the 80s or something"…..the 80s!!!! When did the 80s become "old movie time"?? ….and now I officially feel old! That cat…is scary!!Happy VGNO!

  10. Martha, my son goes to East Stroudsburg University in the Poconos. I just texted him to ask if there was still snow. He said no. They got about an inch, then it rained for 10 hours. Sorry. I guess Tara will have to wait a little longer for snow.

  11. Love your post today! That picture of the lake is awesome! Did you take it yourself? Sometimes my chicken coop looks like your other picture, but i really can't guess what happened there. Thanks for following my blog. I'll be having a new giveaway soon. Happy VGNO!

  12. First let me say Kuddos to your Grandmother. And my thouths and prayers with all of those mentioned. I love your writing style. I'm not sure what the feather were. I'm going with pillow fight. Have a great weekend and VGNO

  13. Hi Martha, I found you through James' Weekend Reflections. Your water image is gorgeous, what a wonderful place to go for reflections. Beautiful blue sky colors in it.

  14. A random post deserves a random comment;*Your mom rocks! *I missed my blogoversary, completely! Good luck on the 22!*Donna and her family have my thoughts…heartbreaking.*Gosh, I wish Tara could find her sleep solution. Hugs!*Have a wonderful weekend!!

  15. Your Post is awesome..I don't know where to start 🙂 i am following you now! I hope you reach your goal! Drop on over to my world and follow if ya want ! I LOVE you Lake photo..That was a very calm wonder it helped to clear you mind 🙂 Your mom must be an amazing women! what a amazing person to have as a mother!…My mom died about three years ago and I so miss her…! The part about the three year old..Well heatbreaking..will add them to my prayers..I have lost a son, I KNOW the pain..:( As for the penny..FUNNY! Who will blink first?????Blessing Shi~

  16. Well done your Mum, what wonderful work she's involved with! I love yur reflections photo. The photo of the scattered feathers though is very sad, i've seen feathers scattered around like that and I always fear the worst…

  17. I hate it when we come across those scenes of feathers and who knows what all.Love your picture! It could bring peace to the Middle East, I think.Hope your girl gets to see snow. Of course, I think she will get a million or so other chances this winter…

  18. I hope you reach your goal of followers!And tell Tara to be patient!! there will be snow enough soon enough… :)As for the feathers… I think some birdie got eaten… maybe by a cat or even a fox. I once saw a fox take out a canadian goose goosling once in the Norristown Farm Park. The little goose's parents weren't real happy but the little red fox has to eat too.

  19. That’s a beautiful reflection photo. It’s so rich in blue hues with still glass-like water.I’m sorry to hear that Tara still isn’t sleeping well. I have to admit that futon does look pretty comfortable.Hooray for your mom, Betty!James got yelled at yesterday in the market by the cashier for wearing his Angels baseball cap. I think that was a true Philly fan.Poor Kovu. I hope Tara doesn’t get scrached by that silly kitty.I would love to drive to the Poconos this weekend. I think it’s supposed rain the whole weekend though.Prayers for little Donna and Betty…Vicki

  20. I'm not much of a reader so I normally focus on the pictures, this time I focused on reading and neglected your wonderful picture. It's excellent and perfect for WR. 🙂 Sorry and thanks for adding it!

  21. Great post. This is like a mini newspaper. I'll pray for Donna and your mother. I was hoping that we would get some snow too, but we missed by a few degrees. I'm hoping for a Phillies ve Angels World Series, but I would have to root for the Angels.I bet you'll get great pictures if you go to the Poconos

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