Friday Fragments & Give Me Your Best Shot and Weekend Reflections

Friday again? Where are the weeks going? Do you realize that Christmas is 62 days away?
Friday Fragments is where we get to do a brain dump of all the little stuff that happened all week. We had a pretty quiet week. Click on the button for other participants, and say hi to Mrs. 4444!

Friday Fragments?

Speaking of Christmas, you may remember me mentioning last Friday that there was snow in the forecast for parts north of us over the weekend, and I was considering taking a road trip to find it for Tara! Well it did snow, and we did drive. I think I drove close to 300 miles on Saturday. It started to snow about 1 hour from home, but we drove further to find more accumulation. It was fun! How many of you are crazy enough to do that for your kid?
This smile was worth it!

Remember the penny? Still there, tails up. I need to find some unsuspecting (unsuperstitious) person to flip it over for me. I keep hoping one of the squirrels will see it and take it off to bury it!

We saw “Where the Wild Things Are”, I wasn’t feeling Mr. Jonze’s interpretation of the book. I know there are people that loved it, but I was not one of them. 2 out of 3 kids that watched it with me LOVED it, and one thought it was okay.

My mom made it to Lousiana on Sunday safely. I have not spoken to her much because that is one of the areas where AT&T does not have good coverage. One of the men in the group has Verizon and he can get through fine! “We’ve got a map for that!”

Little Donna passed away earlier this week, and was buried on Wednesday. I cried, so sad for those who loved her.

Mon-Wed, were pretty quiet days. Schoolwork and getting caught up on DVRd shows and of course Phillies baseball. Didn’t do much at all, in fact, I think we did not leave the house for two days.

I played way more games of Bejeweled Blitz than I care to think about this week, only Facebook has this new ANNOYING habit of telling me, “Martha just played 40 games of BB in 1 hour” or “Martha played 100 games of BB today”. Yes, I know it’s a time waster, but it is addicting.

Speaking of the PHILLIES – we are going to the World Series for the 2nd consecutive year. Watching these games is very stressful for me…. I hope we play the Yankees! Right now in the top of the 9th, the Angels are ahead of the Yankees, so there will have to be at least one more game between the two teams.

While saying how beautiful this tree was yesterday as we entered Valley Forge Park on our way home from the field trip to Philly, Tara says” all that foliage that you say is so beautiful is death, it is the tree’s leaves dying, and that smell you love so much, decaying leaves.” Thanks for that picture of fall!

We took Oliver the Guinea Pig to 4H on Monday night. They had a costume contest. Bunnies and “piggies” all dressed up.

I would love if you would visit my other blog “New Adventures” to read about our visit to Philadelphia’s Magic Garden. It is an amazing place full of mosaic art/murals created by the artist Isaiah Zagar.

My blogoversary is in two weeks. On Monday, I am going to be a featured reader on La Dolce Vita. In honor of my blogoversary, I will be having a give away of one of Kristen’s pieces of jewelery. Check back here on Monday when I announce the giveaway, and visit Kristen’s so you can learn all the things you ever wanted to know about ME, and find out how you can help ME win a contest!

I am not sure what we are up to this weekend. They are calling for rain again and cooler weather. I am not complaining about the rain and/or cold weather, I just wish it didn’t keep coming on Saturdays!

I’m dropping my nephew and some friends at the movies Friday afternoon, and Tara and I will grab dinner out since there is nothing we want to see at the same time. I don’t feel like making the trip to the theater twice. I’m such a good aunt. Last time I took him and one friend to the movies NEITHER of them had money. Didn’t find it out until we were at the theater. I wound up paying for them both! I made sure he knows NO one will get in the car until they SHOW ME THE MONEY!

Better in Bulk

Give me your Best Shot is hosted by Lolli over on Better in Bulk. She’s been living the life of a movie star the past week I think, and has shared photos of Las Vegas (she was in NYC too!)
Me, well, I never left Pennsylvania (close to it when I almost took the wrong exit out of Philly yesterday and was headed toward the bridge to NJ!)

I took pictures of snow and foliage in the same week. We also visited an amazing mosaic art gallery in Philadelphia. It is hard to decide which is my favorite of the week. I am going to pick this one of a woman in Philadelphia on her way to do her food shopping. My best or my most beautiful? Maybe not, but I love it just the same! I love the red in her coat, shopping cart and the stripe of red in the bricks and how the green light post picked up the green stripe in coat as well! I wish I had more opportunity to do “urban photography”. I love the beauty of nature, but a city has a life all it’s own!

Some of you might know that I am challenged by photographing people, particularly candid shots of strangers! I feel like I am invading their space somehow. I was so nervous that she would turn and look at me as I was taking the picture and get upset! She was pretty aware of the group of people across the street from her!

Oh and here is one for Weekend Reflections – yours truly behind the camera! I became part of the mosaic. That was the intent of the artist in using mirrors in his work! Weekend Reflections is hosted by James over on Newtown Area Photos.

Have a fabulous day!

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  1. You are awesome for driving to the snow. I still haven't experienced snow and I am 38.I can't believe the penny is still there.Interesting take on Autumn,, but I prefer to think of it as the cycle of life.

  2. What a great post! I love the shot of the woman grocery shopping, it makes me miss Philly (and believe me, that takes some doing lol) Love your reflection shot, very creative on your part (and the artists). Go Phillies! Kathy

  3. We come here for weekend reflection and we discover a long, rich and interesting post! The picture for the meme is a wonderful and unusual selfportrait!

  4. Wow! You have had an exciting week….and don't knock staying in your state. There are exciting things close to home, too. I especially love the snowy picture of Tara. It's a great one!!

  5. Excellent post Martha! 1)I'm glad your mother made it there safely 2) I love these pictures3)Angels ALL THE WAY!!! :)4)I have the same problem taking pictures of people. I try to practice when I remember.5)Yor Weekend Reflections picture is really cool with an artsy feel.6)The Weekend Reflections link will be up at 11:01 am.Have a great weekend!Go Angels!

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