Ruby Tuesday – Sunday in the Park continued

Ruby Tuesday is brought to us each week by Mary over on The Work of the Poet. Who doesn’t love RED. Click on the ruby slippers to visit Mary and other great shots of red!

Red foliage and kayaks

The Kids Gavin (great nephew), Tara (daughter) Kier (great nephew) – see there is a little red on Gavin’s sneakers.

This canoe was with the kayaks above

Someone lost their bobber!

and in case you didn’t visit Mellow Yellow Monday, a picture of the wonderful surprise we saw in the sky on our way home….

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  1. Martha, it looks like you guys had a very nice outing. Fall is the time for that. At least up there, down here it might still be too hot.
    Happy RT! Thank you for your visit and nice comment.

  2. The foliage reflections are pretty, like an abstract Autumnal painting. The kids look to be having a good time, the red skiffs are bold in the water. The balloon, ah, you have captured rubies of brilliance!

  3. I love this series of photos. Bits of red are found everywhere. That candle was a huge surprise, and for me, even moreso than a balloon. Though have to agree, the balloon is pretty cool.

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