Camera Critters & Weekend Reflections

I saw this egret (heron – I’m never quite sure how to tell them apart) in Green Lane Park on Sunday. He was attracting quite a bit of attention, as I’m guessing they are a bit rarer here than in Florida. I may not be sure if it is an egret or heron, but I KNOW it wasn’t a pelican, which was what a woman walking by with some friends was insisting that it was!

Camera Critters
I thought it would make a nice photo for Camera Critters and Weekend Reflections.

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  1. Hello sweet Martha,
    you are very skilled in photography, this shot is excellent!
    This little delicate bird became a beautiful detail in this adorable lake reflection!Well done, it's wonderful!
    Happy Camera critters ( WE LOVE LUNA – Luna's blog, my kitty ) and Happy Weekend Reflections.

  2. Yep, definitely NOT a pelican. My guess is a heron. But whatever – it is very beautiful and very delicate and to have captured its reflection in this very beautiful little area goes to show what a good eye you have.

  3. Great reflection picture at a cool angle. We had a canal behind or apartment in Texas and a couple of those white egret/heron birds lived there.

    I miss seeing them.

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