Friday Fragments, Give Me Your Best Shot, Weekend Reflections and VGNO.

This post is packed full of Friday fun!

 Friday Fragments?
I don’t have too many fragments today, I pretty much put most stuff out there on Random Thoughts Tuesday!  Click the button and head on over and visit Mrs. 4444!

I am FINALLY feeling like myself again.  It took 16 days from the first day I felt bad with a fever to feel good again… ready to start the day when I got up in the morning!  That’s a long time for me to feel bad.

Oh, the heads down penny, is GONE.  I think it got sucked up by the leaf vacuuming “thingy” this week.  They sucked all the leaves off our sidewalk and step, and alas, no penny.  The poor lawn dude isn’t going to know what hit him when he has a string of bad luck!

Tara and I are headed out of town for the weekend.  Princess is going to the puppy spa.  Do you know there is a new Canine Flu?  Yes, it is very contagious dog to dog, and although people can’t catch it, they can spread it to their dog, so Princess has to get a flu shot tomorrow!  It’s the H3N8 if you are counting…

We are going to first stop off and see my former boss in Bealeton, VA tomorrow, staying in Warrentown for the night, and then we will be headed to Crozet, VA on Saturday morning. We will be visiting friends from FL who now live in VA!  It will be fun to head out on a road trip!  Tara is very excited to see her friend, and see all of my former boss’ animals.  She has horses, goats, cats, dogs, and I’m thinking maybe a donkey?

Did you see that I got to meet Stacy from Stacy’s Random Thoughts last Sunday?  We had a nice time at the “Dinosaur Museum” helping to celebrate Princess Nagger’s 7th birthday.

Tara made a caterpillar out of clementines, a carrot and raisins for extra credit in Art Class.  The project was to make something 3D out of things totally edible.  You can check out the photo HERE.  Art is the only class she does not have an A in at the moment.  I don’t think “Clementine” will bring it all the way up, but it will help a bit!

We’ve been watching Wife Swap.  I could never watched it until recently. I really don’t like confrontation, and that was all I ever saw on the commercials for it. I’m hooked though.  Why would some of these families even WANT to be on TV and show what things are like in their families.  They are so extreme.  I would think someone in that is that “extreme” about how things are handled (or not handled) in their homes would have a lot of trouble giving up control. “Reality” TV has intrigued me since the beginning with Survivor and Big Brother, I love seeing how people react/adapt in such different situtation. 

Better in Bulk

Give Me Your Best Shot is hosted by Lolli over on Better in Bulk – I can’t decide between two, so I will post them both.  Click on the button above to visit Lolli and other participants.  You won’t want to miss the pics of “Twizzler” this week.  He is so cute!

Saturday the weather was still iffy, cloudy, spritzy, etc. but I was SO tired of being inside I just had to get out.  We wound up at Peace Valley Park, and played around a little bit on the playgrounds.  Tara is sitting on a big wooden horse here….

This is of a fountain that I love in Philadelphia.  That’s the Franklin Institute in the background.

Weekend Reflections is hosted by James at Newtown Area Photo. Click on the button and stop by for a visit!

This photo was taken somewhere in Animal Kingdom… I’m drawing a total blank on where I took it!!!
If you are hanging out at home on Friday night, stop on over and visit Ann, and her VGNO!  I doubt I will be around to join in the fun, but you never know.  I might be blogging from our hotel room after dinner!!
Have a fabulous day!

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  1. I didn't know there was a canine flu now. For crying out loud! Does it ever end?You met Stacy?! How fun. All your photos are wonderful. I've never seen a pic of the Franklin Institute, wow!

  2. Not too many fragments? Oh, you're a funny one…. :)Glad you're feeling better-that stinks to be sick for so long! Just in time for your nice weekend!How cool is that that you got to meet Stacy? Awesome.We love WifeSwap, too. Pure crazy!

  3. Have a wonderful weekend away! Sounds like it's going to be lovely.LOVE the photo of the Franklin Institute! The sky is just gorgeous! (I keep meaning to take my kids there…)Wife Swap… yeah, those people are more than extreme. LOL It amazes me that they want to be seen. Some of them are NUTS. LOL

  4. WooHoo! The 'bad' penny is gone! 😉 Maybe since the guy didn't actually pick it up he won't end up with bad luck… :)All your shots are beautiful as usual! You really have a knack for capturing beauty! :)Have a GREAT time this weekend! Looking forward to reading all about it! :)Happy FF! 🙂

  5. Cool pictures Martha! I like the way you took the reflection one.I hope you have a nice trip. I hope you take lots of pictures.If you blog from the hotel don't forget to link this post.

  6. I heard about the canine flu– very scary! I work at a TV station, and we've also reported on feline flu and equine flu recently. Honestly, it's enough to make you want to live in a bubble!~Elizabeth

  7. I wonder how much money those people get payed to be on Wife Swap… would have to pay me a lot of money to go through that for two weeks! The thing that I don't like about it is when people swap who have really little kids…..I think that teenagers can handle a couple of weeks of craziness, but it must be really confusing for little kids.

  8. Canine flu?? Oh great…I have 9 puppies right now…wonder if they need flu shots?? Good luck with princess at the vet.Nice photos!! I love the reflection in the pond.

  9. I so laughed at the penny getting sucked up and now gone! Whoohoo! I have never heard of the canine flu..that's a new one on me!Funny…the word verification is "grades"! Must be thinking of Tara with this one 😉

  10. My God, she is wearing flip flops! Isn't it cold there yet? Glad you're feeling better and you are so lucky to have met Stacey. As for reality TV, not my thing. I have enough to do in my own reality without worrying about someone else! Nice photos, have a great trip!

  11. I'm glad that penny is gone. :)You had 3 best shots! The fountain is really nice and the one of Tara at Peace Valley is neat. That is a lovely place when the weather cooperates!Poor Princess – I hope she is okay with going to the doggy spa. If you ever need a doogy sitter – I might be able to help out. Most doggies like me.

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