ABC & Watery Wednesday – V – US Virgin Islands and Mid Week Blues

This was a tough one for me to combine. There is very possibly something obvious that I am missing, but I’ve got a “foggy” head tonight due to my sinuses acting up! But while I am at it, it will work for Mid Week Blues too! Click on the buttons to go to each meme’s page!

These photos are scanned copies from pictures taken on St Croix. I’m not sure of the dates, but I spent at least one week (up to three weeks) each year from 1983 until 1988. The first three photos were taken with one of those disposable panoramic cameras. Do they even still make them?

If I remember correctly this was taken from our favorite breakfast spot on St. Croix. Donn’s Anchor House. They had the BEST french toast ever!

We would take this airboat back and forth to St Thomas (and then on to St John). I believe this is the airboat landing in the harbor at St. Thomas.

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