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Mrs 4444 hosts Friday Fragments each week for us to get all the “stuff” out of our heads that we’ve been collecting.
Mommy's Idea

TGIF – I can say that this week ’cause I am OFF on Saturday!

Here on the home front not too much new and or exciting.  We had a break in the heat and dryness this week, with a couple days of rain and cooler temps, however, they are climbing back up!

I spent some time on Wednesday looking at old slides. I dug the slide projector (remember those things?) out of storage and reminisced away.  I dropped off a bunch to have prints made and saved to a CD, I want to preserve the memories before they fade away.  The photos were taken by my Dad, and document many weekend camping trips, vacations, and family events.

I worked through the weekend, and had Tues-Thurs off.  I like the mid week “weekend”, but it is nice from time to time to have a whole weekend day off…. for me that will be this Saturday and then again in two weeks.  Not sure what I will be doing with this Saturday, Tara might have plans with her friends…. so I might have some time to myself or maybe lunch with my Mom.  Two weeks from now we will be headed to Ocean City NJ, just for a day, to visit with my brother who will be in from Texas.  I can’t wait to smell the ocean air!

So who watches Big Brother?  Don’t be embarrassed… it is one of the things that Tara and I look forward to each July, and it’s been even more fun this year with Tara’s friends watching with us (they never watched before!)  None of us were happy about who was evicted last night or even worse the player who won Head of Household!  I think they have some great players this season…. these two really make the show worthwhile…(young and hot…. LOL)  I have a feeling one of these might be in trouble this next week though!

Our “technology challengement” (how do you like that new word?) has continued, and the screen on Tara’s Nikon Coolpix cracked, so it was delivered to the nice British Geek Squad guy.  I don’t think that it is a good thing when the Geek Squad knows you by name!!!!  I am so thankful I spent the extra dollars on service plans….$30 at the time of purchase, means free repair (or even possibly a new camera) instead of me having to come up with money for a new camera.  The breakage was not really Tara’s fault…. but I think she has learned from the laptop and camera that she needs to keep her “stuff” in safer places!

I took Tara, her two friends and the two great nephews to Franks Theater on Tuesday to see a free showing of “Aliens in the Attic”.  Somehow Tara and I had missed that one.  It was a cute movie, but I have to admit I fell asleep near the end… chilly theaters, and tired Martha do not mix!  I am not sure how people with multiple children do it… I always felt like I was ignoring someone with five kids in tow. 

After the movie, on the way home the girls wanted to stop off at the park… I waited in the car while the went on the swings… the girls were all really tired and so was I, they had spent the night at our house the night before, and wanted waffles for breakfast (I make them not just toast the frozen kind….) so they had to get up pretty early!  I thought this was a pretty good “capture” with my IPhone, through the windshield… I got all three of them at different positions in swinging!

Give me your best shot at Better in Bulk

Lollie @ Better in Bulk hosts Give Me Your Best Shot each Friday…. Some might have seen one of these pics on Facebook already, but these are my favorites of the week.  Tara and her friend Sidney all dressed up to go to a birthday party… for a FOUR year old!  The got these dresses at the Goodwill!  Tara’s usual style is jeans or shorts… so this “dressing up” is a big step!  I LOVE Sidney’s dress… $70 dress (tag still on) for $5!!!!  (I also found out this week that Sidney’s dad is a photographer…. Daniel Glen Photography, I love his work. 

My morning has started off well, pool is cleaned, I am showered, load of laundry started…. now to get dressed, and head out to do a little Walmart shopping…. say what you might if you are not a fan, but they have the BEST pet supply prices in town, and I need some cheap shorts for around the pool…. mine are all marked by chlorine boo boos!
A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness!

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  1. I've fallen asleep in the theater before too. It's always embarrassing when your kid elbows you and says "Mom, you're snoring!"

  2. Starr is always breaking her things! I agree about the benefit of service plans!! I watch Big Brother! It is fun to have a Summer show to follow! Though the "Saboteur" twist was a bit lame!The girls look great!

  3. Nah, I don't watch Big Brother, or much TV at all for that matter. But I know how it feels to look forward to a show you do like.Nice to see Tara making friends. She seems to be very happy getting around.I'm a Wal Mart shopper too. Yeah, I don't like the crowds and the parking, and some of the "clientele", but you can't beat the prices.I recently dropped my camera onto the road, and cracked the battery housing. Some $90 later is was fixed. GRRRR

  4. :)Sounds like life is pretty durn good in "martha land".Tara and her friend looks marvelous, simply marvelous (use your Billy Crystal voice)Do you just take the slides to Walgrens to have them scanned in?

  5. Love the girls' party dresses! Sounds like a fun idea. I am also a Walmart shopper. There is a new one by us and it's quite small, but what they have is still priced just right. Glad you got the service plan. We rarely do that and I always think after-the-fact that we should have.

  6. I ditto the Best Buy insurance! They have replaced my camera a few times over the past 4 years. I kept dropping it! I use my camera for my job so it's nice to know that I have proptection in that investment! Loved the pics! Thanks for sharing some bits & pieces of your week 🙂 ~Leticia

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