VGNO – Party Time

I don’t have much to say tonight, but for once I’m home on a Saturday night and can PARTY with Ann and all the party blog hoppers! Click on the button above and you can party too. I might have to make a run to the State Store (ABC, Liquor Store.. for those non-Pennsylvanians) and … [Read more…]

Friday Fragments –

Mrs. 4444 hosts Friday Fragments each week… What a day… I need a GIRLS NIGHT OUT, but that’s another MEME, this one is about decluttering the brain.  Speaking of decluttering, Mrs. 4444 has a garage sale, I hope it was successful…. I had one before we left FL, and NEVER again….but then, I don’t have … [Read more…]

Random Thoughts Tuesday – Summer is winding down

It has been a couple weeks since I have defragged, and boy does my brain need it.  I have become very forgetful lately…. the Unmom gives me a place to get it all out! We have been keeping rather busy the past couple of weeks.  I know everyone is saying the same thing, but where … [Read more…]

Mellow Yellow Monday, Ruby Tuesday, Mid Week Blues & Watery Wednesday

I love these buckets @ the local aquatic center…… and they cover three memes in one! Mellow Yellow Monday – hosted by Drowsy MonkeyRuby Tuesday – hosted by MaryMid Week Blues – hosted  by RebeccaWatery Wednesday – hosted by toosweetnsaxy

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday is hosted by Mary @ Work of the Poet.  Stop by and check out lots of RED!!!I took this photo in Philly on Saturday, with Ruby Tuesday in mind.  Lots of red; the storefront, the umbrella, the parking sign and the bicyclist’s shirt.

I Heart Faces – Got To Wear Shades

As soon as I saw “Stella” and her green ♥ shaped glasses, I knew I had to get a picture. Stella and Blue were our guides through the streets of Old City, Society Hill and the National Park area of Philly on Saturday. I sense that Stella has a very unique personality and wished we … [Read more…]

Watery Wednesday, Midweek Blues & Weekend Reflections

The blue whale at Hatfield Aquatic Center.  This is the community pool in the township we lived in prior to moving to Florida.  The aquatic center was re-built the year after we left, and is quite impressive with water slides, a lazy river, hydrotherapy pools, zero beach entry pools, etc.    Yesterday was the first … [Read more…]

Ruby Tuesday

Mary hosts Ruby Tuesday @ The Work of the Poet. Lots of red was to be found at the Hatfield Aquatic Center today.  I was there with my great nephews for their swim lesson today. So, I know this is silly, but I LOVE the design of these chairs.  Not your average pool chairs!  They … [Read more…]

Norristown, PA – Montgomery County Seat

In the past year I was blogging about our adventures over on “New Adventures of Lansdale and Beyond”, but of late, I am having trouble keeping up with one blog, let alone all three… so going forward, I’m going to incorporate our adventures back into The Daily Grind. Friday was not so much of an … [Read more…]

Weekend Reflections – Swan

Weekend Reflections James, a fellow PA, blogger/photographer hosts Weekend Reflections each week.  I have been trying to include at least one reflection shot each week when I am out with my camera.  This is one of a pair of swans and two cygnets we found enjoying a nice brunch at the a local park on … [Read more…]