Summer is coming to an end…

and hopefully I will have more time to blog, take pictures, and visit my blog friends.  Once Tara is back in school (Tues) and the pool I have been taking care of for the summer is closed (9/13), I will be finding time for all of the above!

Until then, I leave you with a photo taken Friday in Ocean City, NJ.  Tara and I took a road trip (it is just about 2 hrs from home) to effects of the Hurricane Earl on the surf.  We had a great day, and all in all, considering there was a hurricane off the coast, it was a rather nice day – although the ocean was “closed”.

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  1. Oh no Martha! The ocean was closed… that is the worst! Glad you had a fun time though!

    I think that is nice your pool is open for one extra week. It is always so hot in September and we wish our pool was still open!

    Hope she LOVES school! Wishing her a wonderful year.

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