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It’s Monday evening, trying to get in a little randomization before my head hits the pillow.  Back to work tomorrow for the first time since Friday.  I was supposed to work Sunday evening, but I had a killer headache all day and for the first time in almost a year called out sick. It snowed, so I am pretty sure the store was not busy.  I would have been worthless had I gone!

I changed my blog design, I’m done with red and green and Christmas… let’s move on to the New Year.  I’m sure in the next week or so Valentine’s Day will start popping up in the retail world.  One of these days I’m going to get my blog done professionally!

RTT is hosted by Keely, the UnMom!  I’m hoping shedding some of this randomness helps my memory which sucks lately. 
We got “just enough” snow to make it pretty, but not enough to paralyze things.  I know some areas not too far away got hit much harder then us.

Tara and I were out running a couple errands today when I realized I needed air in one of my tires… now the “need air in one of your tires” light has been on in my car for some time now, but they all looked fine to me, and it does not tell you which one!  It took me THREE stops to find a air machine, and today, I actually had $1.00 in quarters… come on now, 1 minute of air, or the electricity used to run the compressor can’t possibly cost $1.00.   Anyway, back to the point of this, as we pulled into the last gas station, Tara said to me “what is that”, as I looked up it was a full fledged PHONE BOOTH….she had never remembered seeing an actual phone booth before, except for the red ones in the “UK” at Epcot.  I wanted to take a picture, but another car drove up and I was apparently in their way, so I did not get one.  It was really quite funny because the doors were open and it was full of snow…. would have taken some effort to make a call if you needed to!

So, how was your Christmas?  Ours was good.  Tara thinks it was AWESOME.. hmm, that’s because she got just about everything she wanted, and more.  I think I spent more this Christmas than in quite a few years.  She got an electric keyboard (musical, not computer), tickets to the Jingle Ball we attended earlier in the month, posters, CDs, T-shirts, gift cards, and more.  I really was not on my toes and didn’t really get pictures of anything.  She is at that stage where her hair has to be PERFECT to be photographed, and it was NOT at  8am on Christmas morning.

What did I get you ask?  Well, anyone want to go out for coffee?  I got $50 worth of coffee gift cards – $25 for Dunkin Donuts and $25 for Starbucks from my sister. To top it off, I had just “reloaded” my Starbucks card with $20… I like coffee, but you can’t tell me there was not some other gift card on that gift card rack that spoke my name.  (I requested BEST BUY, and my awesome computer guru nephew came through with that!)  I do appreciate the gifts… but $50 worth of coffee??????

My mother gave me Christmas ornaments… we get one Hallmark one from her each year, and she has also been getting me a Lenox moose ornament for several years.  They are really cute, but I have told her she does not need to spend the money.  My sister and I both got 2009 Yorkie ornaments that she forgot about last year.  My sister still had her Yorkie – Thor, but we had to leave our Yorkie – Maia – behind when we left Florida.  She also picked up a gift card from the spa I go to from Tara….

I also got a cell phone case and gloves that I can wear and use my iPhone.  They are awesome.  Both things I bought for myself and my mother wrapped them for under the tree.  The gloves are IsoToner SmarTouch gloves, I got them at Wal-Mart for only $12.00.  I love them.  I know you should not text, etc while driving, which I don’t do, but there are times when I need to find something or text someone and I will do it while at a traffic light or parked. 

My blingy iPhone Case… sometimes a girl just needs bling!

I bought my mother a CD/cassette/turntable player, that was not overly expensive, and her comment was “I wish you hadn’t” – meaning she thinks I spent too much…. she asked for a CD player… this was a good deal….. sometimes I just want to forget about gifts for anyone over the age of 18 in our family!!!

Iggy dropped off an unexpected and yummy box of goodies!  I wasn’t here when he delivered them though…. At least I have some yummy chocolate to enjoy with my coffee!  The unexpected gifts are always the best.  Thanks again Iggy!  I will find a way to repay (and surprise you!)

I saw two movies this week
1) Little Fockers with my sister and niece.  It was funny, and what a deal.  I found out that Franks Theaters have $5.00 admission for the first show times of the day!  I’m going to start going to more movies ALONE on my days off for that price!
2) Tara and I have a tradition of seeing a movie on Christmas Day.  This year we chose Black Swan.  Tara had read a tweet from Adam Lambert that he thought the movie was amazing, so she wanted to see it.  Natalie Portman was excellent.  There were some disturbing scenes.  If you haven’t seen the movie or heard about it this sums it up…,Black Swan is about a demented, sexually repressed ballerina who craves the spotlight but can’t handle the pressure.  (I would not recommend this for young teens — but I feel as long as I am seeing it with Tara, I can address any questions…. luckily there were none… she may have just closed her eyes!)

I always feel like I have so much more randomness when I start…. my mind has been mush the past few days.  I am glad the holidays are over, maybe it won’t be so bad.  It was really a stressful time, but there were just enough extra things to think about that my mind could not keep up!

I hope you have a wonderful New Year’s Eve/Day what ever you have planned.  I hope to go up and socialize with my neighbor’s on NYE… they are having some people over.  We are both always coming and going, and never seem to have time for much more than a quick hello!

Join in on the Tuesday Train…. a great way to get new followers.  I promise I will be visiting when I get home this evening!

Thanks A-Latte for stopping by!

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  1. I love your new blog design! I've been changing mine according to the holiday or season. Sounds like Christmas at your house was terrific!! I think you'll be surprised at how quickly you use up that $50 in coffee gift cards.I just love that photo of Tara! I can see how she is maturing just in the year or so I've been following your blog. Let me know the next time you're off on a Wednesday (or go into work later) That's the day I go to John's overnight. I'm free until 3:30 or 4 pm. We can meet for lunch somewhere near you.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing Black Swan. One of my girls and I caught Reese Witherspoon's newest yesterday…not so bad. Hope you and yours had the merriest of Christmases!

  3. I'm with you – time to take down the Christmas decorations!! Its been since what, halloween this year that the holiday season started?:)Merry Christmas Martha!! Hope you have a wonderful NEW YEAR!!

  4. Nice new header.You don't see actual phone booths much anymore. That must be a rare one around here.Sounds like Santa was good to everyone at your house. Now you have quite a supply of caffeine to last you a while, to go with Iggy's chocolate.

  5. One of these days I'm going to get a professional blog design too. It's about time for me. Although I always like yours! Isn't that funny about phone booths? I haven't seen one in years! If I ever come across one I'll be taking a pic. You were awfully brave to go see Black Swan. A couple of Heather's friends saw and they told her not to go! They thought it was too dark and disturbing.Sounds like Santa treated everyone pretty well over at your place. Glad to hear that it was a successful day!

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