Unconscious Mutterings

I had gotten away from participating in unconscious mutterings, however, I always enjoyed “playing” along, so I’m going to start the year off right!

    1. Carwash ::  wet
    2. Intuition :: razor
    3. Desperate ::  housewives
    4. Tears ::  cry
    5. Purple ::  rain
    6. Storage ::  stuff
    7. Duct :: tape
    8. System ::  error
    9. Cabinet :: maker
    10. Manager :: page


Twenty five years ago today, my dad passed away.  He’s been gone for almost 1/2 of my life.  There are so many situations when I wish he was here to give me advice.  I miss him so very much.

Tara and I had a quiet NYE.  I got home from work around 4:30, we had a quick dinner, nothing fancy, and then we headed out to the movies.  I had been wanting to see The Tourist, so this was the pick for the night.  It was an enjoyable movie.  I love Johnny Depp!

After we got home we went up and spent the rest of the evening with our neighbor Vivian and her family.  I had a glass of wine, and some champagne at midnight.  We had a nice time visiting, my mom even joined us to ring in the New Year.

New Year’s Day had Tara and I making a quick trip to King of Prussia Mall.  I had to exchange the phone case I bought myself for Christmas, and Tara wanted to spend some of my money in her favorite store – Hot Topic.  I then picked up a rotissierie chicken for a quick lunch, as I had to go into work at 4pm.  I was fortunate that this holiday season I had only to work New Year’s Day as my holiday since the store was open Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Today was SUPPOSED to be my day of “rest”.  To stay at home, go no where, and do just what I wanted too.  Well, that didn’t last long.  I wound up taking Tara and her friends to the mall and picking them back up.  It really isn’t that far, or even really a big deal, but I was so annoyed that she did not stick to agreement.  I love how most of the time no other parents are available to be the taxi!

Although I did not miss not having to get Tara up for school, I am glad that she goes back tomorrow.   I am glad that I am not scheduled to work until Tuesday, so I will have a day to myself to get re-centered/re-grouped!

Thanks A-Latte for stopping by!

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  1. Sounds like a nice New Year's Eve. The Tourist got horrible reviews but people I know that saw it really like it. I'm definitely going to see it.I remember being in a Walgreens in Texas before Thanksgiving and the lady who rang me up said she had to work Thanksgiving and I felt so sorry for her. She said she would have her Thanksgiving meal early before she came into work. I guess that's the main drawback of working in retail is potentially having to work on the holidays. I'm glad it wasn't too bad for you.

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