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Even with a day off to write this post, (and yes, I did think about it and even started a draft on Saturday) I find myself at the last minute on Monday morning before I have to head out the door to work.  (I am usually off on Monday’s, making the transition into the week a bit easier…)

I love cats.  Do you like cats?  It seems most people either love them or hate them, oh or are allergic to them.

I didn’t think I liked cats when I was growing up.  But through unfortunate circumstances, my sister and your two young children came to live with my parents and I in the early 80s.  Sheena came with them.  She brought so much laughter to our lives.  She even converted my father, who was a definite cat dis-liker.  I think for him, it was the hair on his suits.  He was very particular about his clothes!


Once Sheena left our home, there seemed to be something missing(no, it wasn’t my sister and her too young children that we missed).  So I headed to the animal shelter looking for my first cat.  Enter Ebony into our lives.  She was all black, with gorgeous yellow eyes.

Not long after Ebony joined our family, I was transferred with my job and moved to Virginia. Alone. Did not know a soul.  Ebony was there every night when I came home from work, and she also helped to break the ice with neighbors when I would have her outside on her leash.  She made trips home to PA with me, sitting on my shoulder the entire 3-4 hour drive.  Did you ever try driving with a cat on your shoulder?

Ebony really was my best friend.  She was there for me when my dad passed away just six months after I moved to Virginia.  I was devasted by his death, and had to be in Virginia without my family to mourn.  She would sit with me when I needed to cry!

Ebony remained part of my life for 16 years.  She moved back to PA with me, was there through my rotten marriage, and she was Tara’s first pet!

The day she passed, after a brief illness, was one of the hardest of my life.  I never realized one could grieve so deeply over a pet.  She was oh so much more though…..

I like to think she is still “with us”.  In Florida we had a stray black cat, that would just sit outside of the lanai and watch us, and now back here in PA, we have another who I see frequently in the woods behind our home.

I am sad to realize that I could not find any of the scanned pictures of Ebony this morning… I know I have them, just can’t put my “mouse” on them!

Since Ebony, we have had several more cats in our life, that’s a tale (tail) for another day!

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  1. My mother was a real cat hater and she passed her dislike for them to me. Once when my kids were young, they wanted a cat so I got them one. Next thing I knew the cat had a litter of kittens and I had an apartment full of kittens and fleas.I gave all the cats to a pet store and exterminated the fleas and never had anymore pets after that. I'm not a fan of animals in the house, but if I lived in the country I'd probably have cats and dogs, but keep them outside.Contrary to my usual practice of subscribing to comments, to save time during challenge I will not be doing so during April. If you want to respond to my comment , please email me directly from your email notification for the comment. Thanks.LeeTossing It OutTwitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

  2. I love cats also. As a matter of fact we share our lives with two very special cats. Theophilus is a 6 year old male Calico I got when he was just 5 weeks old. Coco, is a 2 year old Tortise-colored female that my daughter dropped off with us for a few days. That was over 18 months ago. I'll teach her, we're not giving Coco back I am keeping her.Hair on the clothes is somethingn I have learned to live with and then just not fret about. The hair represents my feline-children, so take me with the cat hairs or don't take me at all.Yes, when I brought Theophilus home from the office (my co worker brought him in and dropped him on my desk) at the end of the day and as I got in my Silverado, he crawled up on my shoulder and stayed their. When I walked around the house he loved to be on my shoulders until he got to big.Sorry to hear about your dad, but glad Ebony was there.Gregg MetcalfColossians 1:28-29Gospel-driven Disciples

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