Holy Hoagie

Good morning!  I woke up with a bit of a headache, and realized I had not had my “daily grind” yesterday, no coffee, uh oh!  I promptly made myself a cup and took a couple Migraine Relief pain killers, and I’m all good now,

i just saw on the news that Wawa is sponsoring the building of a 4 1/2 ton hoagie at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia today (1/2 Italian, 1/2 Turkey).  It is all part of Wawa Welcome America.  Hats off to Wawa for honoring our soldiers and hometown heroes.  Wawa is also helping the community by sending 5,000 hoagies to the Philabunance Food Bank!  I think if i weren’t working, I would try and head downtown today!

Who can believe that it is almost the end of June?  I can’t.  Only 179 shopping days until Christmas!  In the retail world it is almost time for back to school supplies!

This evening you will find me transporting the teens to Regal (Tara and her friends) to see Transformers 3.  I may take advantage of a free ticket that I have and go see Bridesmaids while I am there.  I’m not really interested in seeing T3 and I can’t use my free ticket to see it anyway!  (updated – we didn’t go until Friday and I saw Super 8 which was totally awesome)
I am still doing well on my ‘healthy eating’ challenge.  The challenge is with myself, and I am proud to say 16 days into it, I am winning.  It is said that it takes 21 days to make things a habit, so I am well on my way.  Planning for the times I am out of the house, at work, errands, outings is the biggest key for me!  The Reeses Peanut Butter cups, etc that sit on my counter all day long have not tempted me even once this week. I ♥ SparkPeople

I made a really simple soup to take for lunch this week, I found several versions on the Spark Recipe site.

Five Ingredient Soup
1 can refried beans
1 can black beans (drained)
1 can corn (drained)
1 can diced tomatoes (Rotelles with chilies gives it a little kick)
1 can chicken broth (I used beef, that’s what I had opened)
Mix them all together in a pot, heat until refried beans are no longer thick and soup is hot.

I was able to get 5 generous 1 cup servings out of this. Approx 115 calories, 1 gm of fat, 6 gm of fiber and 7 gms of protein.  I could vary depending on the specific brands you use and the type of refried beans.

The church bells are chiming 7am, and my friend the cardinal is singing his heart out, so I think it is time for me to say good bye for today!

Make it a great day!

Sorry no pics.  The most interesting thing I took a picture of yesterday way my green jello at lunch!  Only 10 calories!

Thanks A-Latte for stopping by! Martha

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  1. Gotta love Wawa!!!Is that movie Transforemrs 3? I want to see it! I have to wait until this stupid coughing is finished before I venture into a movie theater. I don't want to annoy all the folks around me.Good job on the healthy eating!

  2. Holy Lack of Caffeine Batman!! Yes, exactly Boy Wonder…What fiendish hell that was!That's a big hoagie! 4 1/2 tons! I don't think I could the leftovers into my refrigerator.Noooooooo…. not Christmas shopping yet!!! NOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo!

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