If I wanted to get up at 6am, I would have set the alarm

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StacyWhile I have been a bad (lax) blogger, it  seems as if Keeley has taken a hiatus from Random Tuesday Thoughts. I loved RTT because I could do a brain dump of all the things that weren’t enough material for a single post, but that were cluttering up my already too cluttered brain. My PA blogger friend, Stacy, at Stacy Uncorked is carrying on in Keeley’s absence. Yeah Stacy (queue clapping!)

  • I really wish pets come with a reset button. The dog, cat, and guinea pigs all think that if I am not up by 6am that something is wrong. In unison, they each make their own most annoying noise long and loud enough to compel me to get out of bed. I am tired, I don’t go to work until 3pm today, and then 9 1/2 hrs after I get home, I have to be back. I wanted to SLEEP in this morning, just a bit. Not happening, even with everyone feed and watered I can’t go back to sleep!
  • My mom is still recovering from her surgery and it is going much slower than she would like. This little taste of home nursing that I am getting, makes me appreciate the jobs of healthcare workers even more than I already did. Last evening was really for her, she can tolerate pain that would bring many of us to tears of agony. Five Percocets (over a 3 1/2 hr period, per Dr instructions) seemed to have helped. She is annoyed that she can’t do more to help herself. I totally do not mind. I am just struggling with having to be at work 8 hours out of the day. The surgery was not planned too far in advance, and I could not schedule extra time off.
  • The teen in the house is being pretty quiet and cooperative these days. She likes to sleep, oh and talk on the phone to her boyfriend for many minutes in the middle of the night. I guess teens are a bit like vampires. I am glad that he is on the AT&T network like us! Oh, and last month, 10,500 text message were sent by her alone. Thanks to my friend Art, he pointed out that there were only 42,300 minutes said month! All I can say is thank goodness for unlimited messaging and data plans!
  • Last week, on the second hottest day of the year, Tara and two other girls went to Vans Warped Tour. A very loud, outdoor concert in Camden, NJ. I drove them there, returned home, and later went back to pick them up! The reason I bring this up, is that I actually was given permission to take a photo of Tara (and friends) at 8:00am. This is honestly the first photo I have been allowed to take of Tara since she turned 14 in MARCH. There is sun glare, but I could not spend too much time setting up the shot, they barely stood still for this!  Tara is the one on the right.  No, the one in the middle did not wear ANY sunscreen, just saying!Before the Warped Tour
  • Had it not been so freaking hot, and if it was not the day my mother was discharged from the hospital I would have loved to spend some time in Philly (across the bridge from Camden) taking pictures. Instead, I resorted to a few pictures from the car!

Chinatown, murals, victor landing, philly, camden


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  1. Man, I had a lengthy comment written on Tuesday – but my browser froze up and it got lost in the mayhem. Of course then my brain convinced me I had already left a comment…oops! 🙂 So here I am with a do-over! 🙂

    Pets really do need a reset button! Ours will wake us up on the days we want to sleep in, too, since they’re used to getting up for an alarm.

    So glad your mom’s doing OK – I’m keeping her in my thoughts and prayers. ((HUGZ!!))

    10,500 text messages?? I’m seeing my future when Princess Nagger hits the teen years… ACK!

    LOVE the picture of the girls – you can tell it’s hot and humid by the hazy tone – which only adds more coolness to the picture! 🙂

    Great random shots of Philly, too! We need to get back out that way again soon. When it’s not so darn hot. 🙂

    Thanks for randomizing with me! Good to ‘see’ you again! 🙂

    Back to School, Mother Nature’s Menopause, Ancient Shells: RTT Rebel

  2. I have the same problem with my pets – actually with one of my pets. Neko – (teacup Yorkie) thinks something is askew with the universe if I haven’t gotten out of bed by 6 am to let him out. In his defense though – his teeny tiny little bladder probably can’t hold more than a teaspoon at a time.

    Hear you on the texting – my daughters were sending 10K or more a month also. What really killed me was I had free calls after 7pm but they would text one word messages instead of talking to someone – and that was BEFORE I had unlimited texts!

    Thanks for joining The Train!

  3. IntenseGuy

    Good lord… 10,500 text messages??????

    Tara’s hair looks really good.. perhaps that is why she consented to the photo? 🙂

    Nice shots of Camden (Nipper the RCA Dog) and Chinatown! Where is the “ferry landing sign”? Is that in Dr. Wiggen’s (I think that’s what they call it) Waterfront Park?

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