It’s all fun and games until the flying monkeys arrive!

30 Days About Me
I’m participating in 30 Days about Me, each day Toni has given us a prompt to blog about in order to get to know more about our fellow bloggers! It is fun reading everyones responses. I might not get back to folks who stop by until later today, work bekons me this morning!

Day 2- Favorite Movie

Picking my favorite movie is almost as hard as picking my favorite song. I watch movies to be entertained, not to find a deeper meaning or some hidden message. I don’t want to have to think too hard to “get it”. I like almost all types of movies. Not a big fan of anything too bloody or scary.

The first movie that will always come to mind when asked this question for me is The Wizard of Oz. Growing up, before VCRs, DVDs, Blu-Ray, On-Demand and streaming video, The Wizard of Oz played on network TV once a year. That was always a special night in our house. As much as I loved the movie, those darned FLYING MONKEYS always scared the hell out of me.  I love the Wizard of Oz scene in the Great Movie Ride at Disney Hollywood Studios.

I also have a love for the Pirates of the Caribbean Movies. I ♥ Johnny Depp and the Capt Jack character.  Again, another favorite ride of mine at Magic Kingdom is Pirates of the Caribbean ride. This is as close as I will ever get to Capt Jack or Johnny Depp.  This was an actor, playing the actor who plays Capt Jack at Magic Kingdom. (He was pretty good!)

So, what movie you ask do I love that doesn’t have a Disney connection?

My all time favorite comedy has to be “Young Frankenstein”.  I saw it the first time on a plane over the Atlantic flying to Germany in 1974.


Wordless Wednesdsay

Since summer is quickly coming to an end, I find myself comparing to last year this same time, and life has changed so very much. Some good changes, some bad changes. Some inevitable changes.  Time marches on, my girl is growing up!

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  1. Oh I LOVE Young Frankenstein. I grew up watching that.. and I just recently introduced it to my girls last year.
    They love sharing it with their friends..
    Roll.. Roll.. Roll in the hay…
    A B something.. ROFL!!

  2. Lizzie @ Infectious Chatter

    i love wizard of oz! shoot i should have had that on my list 🙂 and pirates is my favorite ride in MK too! see we really should hang out, ha ha.

  3. Cyn @

    Wizard of Oz was my favorite kid movie (except for the dreaded flying monkeys!)

    (stopping by from 30 Days About Me)

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