Staycation Day #1 – Destination unknown!

Today is the first day of FIVE straight days off from work. I don’t think I have had five days off in a row in over a year. If you work in retail, you probably understand.

The weather is gorgeous, I turned off the A/C! Anything 85° and below is okay with me!

Before working at Walgreens, I worked for AT&T for 30 years, with 30 years came LOTS of vacation. over 30 days worth. I would take time off just to use up the days. After retiring, and re-entering the work force at the BOTTOM, I am grateful for those FIVE vacation days I get each year. I can’t complain though, I’ve got a great manager, and if I need a particular day off we always work it out. I also like those WEEK days off during the school year for some time JUST FOR ME!

This Staycation does not have any definitive plans. I find with a teen in the house, planning is very difficult  She sleeps most of the day away and is awake into the early morning hours. I’m just taking each day as it comes. I do want to get out and have some fun, we haven’t done too much of that this summer, and it is less than 4 weeks until school starts!  Let’s see next Tuesday how many of these I can check off!

  • HAIRCUT (Tara and myself). Heading to Rapunzel’s in Lansdale later today!  (completed 8/11 – we look fabulous!)
  • SCHOOL SHOPPING – we accomplished a bit of this last night when we headed to King of Prussia. Tara loves City Street jeans that are carried by JC Penny. I love that she is not all caught up in the expensive name brands! The best part of shopping in JCP last night? When I checked in on FourSquare, I got an instant $10 off $50 purchase coupon – that was 1/2 the price of one pair of jeans! Every one laughs at me for checking in all over town, but with perks like that, I will keep checking in!  JEANS need to be returned – UGH
  • BLOGGING – I want to get at LEAST 7 days of 30 days about me posts up and scheduled, and I hope to actually find some local things of interest to blog about!
  • CLOTHES shopping for moi. Not looking forward to that. I need some new shirts for work and something to wear to my nephew’s wedding on the 27th.
  • GROCERY SHOPPING – I detest this right now. No one will tell me what they feel like eating, but when they want want something and it’s not in the house they whine (they=Tara) – I’ve made a couple trips to the market. Never really gotten EVERYTHING we need.
  • MENU PLANNING – see #5
  • BEDROOM cleaning/organizing – I might have a chance of this over the weekend. You see, Tara has been sleeping in my bedroom this summer. Why you ask? Because she is Tara, because the desk top computer is in that room. This means I never seem to have a change to really get in there and “dig in” to the clutter! She’s having a friend over Fri-Sun, they will sleep in Tara’s room, so I will get to spend some time in mine! – Probably not happening – Tara’s friend wasn’t able to come.


  • A trip to Philly (either via car or train) – I just want to get downtown with my camera. In particular Reading Terminal Market and Philadelphia Magic Garden.  Made a trip to Philly, by car. Went into center city, not either of the places I mentioned.

  • Monday 8/15 – Ben FM Day at Clementon Parkw/ Joey Fortman, the Sixers’ World B Free, and Dora The Explorer. Admission to Clementon Park and Splash World is just $10 before 11am each Monday in August!  I’ve never been to Clementon Park, although it’s not that far from   home. My mother has fond memories of this park “back in the day”, even recalling losing a ring there when she was a kid!   Really what else can you do for $10/person for an entire day??
  • Do you live in PA or NJ – would you like to spend Monday at Clementon Park too? You can enter for a chance to win 4 tix at Jersey Family Fun. Enter to win between now and Saturday @ 10am.
  • Go see The Help – I have not read the book, but every one who I know that did enjoyed it! Emma Stone is a great young actress, I look forward to seeing her in this role. I will go see it alone if need be.

I’m linking up to the Terrific Thursday Blog Hop for the first time this week! TTBH is , hosted by Rondi from WAHM Resource Site and Crystal from My Life as Mom and Wife .

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  1. Intense Guy

    I remember World B. Free!!! LOL! How is he doing these days (and what?)

    Sorry I’m late commenting – been out of sorts and just got Google Reader staightened out.

  2. Good Girl Gone Green

    We just went to Philly for two days (first time there) and we walked past the magic garden. I was like, what is that? Of course I just had to go in! It was awesome! I bought 2 rings made from bottle caps and earrings fmde from tiles. Have fun if you make it to Philly! 🙂

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