Summer Bucket List

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.  ~Sam Keen

School”s out for summer!

This means that I no longer have to get Tara UP in the morning, nor drive her to school! I also don’t have to worry about rushing from work to pick her up after school.


No school means I can sleep “in” and extra 1/2 hour in the morning, and still have 45 minutes of computer time after I have myself ready for work! I will have time to stop at WAWA for a cup of coffee on the way!


For the next 12 weeks I won’t feel bad if I have to work on the weekend, because we will have weekdays off to do things together! At least this summer I work all day shifts, last summer I was still working an evening or two a week! Days are so much better!


I love for summer to be carefree, routine free (as much as possible with working 5 days a week), and relaxed. That’s what summer breaks from school should be for kids. Tara may or may not get a job, we need to drop off an application. If she does, she still gets to sleep in a bit, they don’t open until 11am! I look forward to Tara’s friends sleeping over from time to time. I enjoy having most of them in the house!

Do you have a bucket list for the summer? Check out Life Without Pink’s challenge!

  1. Day trip to shore.
  2. Day trip to NYC. We took a quick trip on June 16, I want to try and get back up there this summer, at least to the Statue of Liberty which I realize I can get to from the NJ side!
  3. Day trip to Washington DC
  4. Read a book! Sounds easy… for me, it is not! I’ve got a pile just waiting!
  5. Go for walks. I want to get Tara and I both outside more! Instead of our evening drives, the time we many times use to talk and catch up, I want to get up early on days off or go out after dinner and get up close and personal with nature!
  6. Take more pictures – this will be easy if we do 1,2,3,5,7 and 8!
  7. Visit Morris Arboretum
  8. Visit Philadelphia Magic Garden again.
  9. Organize my photo files and scan old photos. I keep putting this on my mental to do list… so many be if I actually write it down, I might accomplish it!
  10. RELAX – I’ve scheduled two mini vacations from work – one in June and one in July. At least ONE day out of both of those vacations I want to DO nothing and GO no where.
  11. Purge our closets, drawers and boxes in storage. We have too much stuff and not enough storage space. There are boxes that I have not been in since we moved here in 2009. Time to visit the contents and see what can move on to a new home!
  12. Prepare more interesting meals. (The past couple of months, I have not felt like planning, shopping or preparing food.
  13. Watch all the episodes of Dawson’s Creek on Netflix! I never watched this show, and now that it is on Netflix, it seems like a good fill in when there is nothing else good on TV at night.


What are your plans for summer??? Exciting vacations to exotic destinations?


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  1. My plans for the summer are to finish our third book and send it to the publisher, write our fourth book, and knit. Lots. 🙂

    I love making lists; what a lovely idea for a TT! I usually try to get all fancy, but a list that is really a list – brilliant! I may have to borrow that one of these weeks!

    Happy TT!

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