Critters of the Week

I had a couple opportunities to get out for a short time with my camera this week.

First Tara and I took a drive to Green Lane Park.
There we saw these two cuties. They watched us for a bit, then ran deeper into the woods.

YOU looking at ME?

On another drive to a park closer to home, Fischer’s Park we had to stop for the geese to cross the road. Try as I might I could not get a clear picture of the goslings. They just never stopped moving! It didn’t help that I was stopped in the road (in the car) trying to get the pictures. I was afraid a car would come up behind me.

Hurry up Henry, there is a car coming! We don’t want the children to be orphans!
That family from Canada sure has a lot of kids!
As I was leaving our development for work the other morning, I looked to the right and saw this little sweetie sitting on a rock in the middle of the stream watching something. This kitty is either a stray or someone’s pet who is allowed to roam free. She wanders by our place from time to time and drives Kovu crazy when she sits outside my window at night! She is not fearful if I talk to her from inside, and she looks like she is well nourished. (I would hate if she was a homeless cat!)

So that’s my week of critters! Maybe this week I’ll actually get OUT OF THE CAR to take some pictures!
I may or may not be headed to NYC in the morning, so I may, or may not be linking up late! TEENAGERS!
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