Critters of Bogart’s Bridge

This past Tuesday, I had the “pleasure” of driving my daughter and two friends to Allentown for a concert. Allentown is about 30ish miles from home, so not so far that I could not have come home after dropping them off and returned when the concert was over 8 HOURS later. I decided however, to enjoy a day on my own with my camera.

I had researched a few things in the area to see/do that were free. I found a great printable walking tour of the downtown area, that pointed out the architecture and history of some of the buildings, as well as a driving tour of Covered Bridges in the area.

As it was quite a warm day, and I really did not feel like hitting the pavement in town, I opted for the covered bridges. There were seven listed, I set out to see what I could see.

My first stop along the way was Bogart’s Bridge. This bridge is not in service for vehicles, just foot traffic across the Little Lehigh River. This bridge is the oldest in the Lehigh Valley, and one of the oldest in the country. The bridge is located in a beautiful spot, full of activity – runners, bikers, walkers, and fishermen were seen during my stop!

I also encountered quite a few critters along the way.
This pretty butterfly – I am thinking this is a Gray Comma?
Then along the river, where I found an awesome rock to sit and enjoy the beauty of the area and the sound of the water, I met up with the Mallards.
Once I started walking again, I encountered a snake, who was sunning on a rock, and apparently I startled him before I could get my camera aimed! I was wearing flip flops, and although he was quite a few feet away from me, it kind of freaked me out!
I had seen a Swallowtail butterfly while I was by the stream, but he kept landing on branches too high for me to see him, so I was happy when this one was resting under the bridge.
The highlight of the adventure was the swallows. There were swallows flying everywhere. They are hard to capture, they do not sit very long out in the open. I got brave and went under the bridge to get the shot of the butterfly and realized there were dozens of swallows who had made the bridge there home.

Hungry and chirping like crazy!
Join in the fun of Camera Critters!

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  1. I love cute swallows and the butterflies are gorgeous. Covered bridges are beautiful, it is neat to see different ones. I heard Pa has a lot of them. Wonderful photos, Martha! Have a great weekend.

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