Six Word Saturday – Hello!

Hello Blog, I have missed you.

This is a start. Hello Spring!


So many times I have sat down to right. I probably have 10 drafts over there in my draft folder. Each time something or someone interrupts.


I feel too much has passed to try and catch everyone up, not that many people visit me these days! I liked having this a a journal for myself of sorts.


The next 10 weeks could be very long. My biggest goal/hurdle right now is to get my daughter through 10th grade with minimal drama/trauma. It’s been rough. She had a plan, but that plan can’t be executed this late in the school year, so she is stuck. Life can be hell when a teenager is not happy.


I am still missing Princess who passed away on January 27th. As the spring and warm sunny days arrive, I miss her even more.


We got a new kitten, his name is Jack. He fills a wee bit of the void. But, he is a cat, not a dog and for me it will never be the same! He makes me laugh, and he is a great addition to our home. Even Kovu is glad he is here after some initial hesitation.


Life is tense and frustrating a good bit of the time these days, but I have to remember to be grateful for what we have. We are all healthy, we have a home and I am employed. So many around us are suffering loss of a family member or health issues.


I would love for you all to remember one particular family, today. They are”local” to me, but I have never met them. Right now they are going through something no family should have to, the sudden loss of their 5 year old son. Kate’s blog CHASING RAINBOWS is an amazing journal of their journey, which this week took a very unexpected turn.


Time to run and get ready for work. I’m in the midst of a six day schedule, so I will be working all weekend, at the end though there are FOUR days off!


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Thanks A Latte for stopping by!




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  1. Sorry to hear that your daughter is having troubles with school. I hope something will work out for her. Also sorry for the loss of your doggie. I know that is hard. Hope the new cat will bring you some comfort.

    And I want you to know I prayed for you, your daughter, and your friends who lost their 5 yr. old. My heart goes out to them. We lost two bay grandsons years ago…and our 6 yr. old granddaughter 8 years ago. So, I can pray with a heart of understand!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

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