Wild Bird Wednesday – Flamingos

Okay, so they might not exactly be “wild”, as they live at Sea World, but Flamingos are one of my favorite birds. Flamingos make me think of summer!

Flamingos are found in warm, watery areas of many countries. They have long curved necks with black tipped bills that bend downward. This bill helps them feed on small fish, plankton, etc. Their webbed feet help stir up the bottom of the shallow waters in which they feed. They eat by burying their bills and sucking in the water and mud. They have a filterlike structure in their beak that “strains” the food from the water, which is expelled.
Their pink color comes from shrimplike crustaceans. Babies are born gray and white, the pink color takes about two years to develop.
Flamingos are usually found in flocks, as they find safety in numbers since they spend so much time with their head down in the mud! 

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