Fragmented Virtual Friday!

It’s late… I’m just getting to my blog for the day (and actually not posting until 5:45 Saturday morning!)

Unknown MamiVGNO Friday

I have been highly anticipating 3 pm today, as it was the start of a four day weekend for me. One with no real plans, but some hope that some adventures might ensue!

I am actually home ALONE for the 2nd night in a row, this NEVER EVER happens! Tara and my mother gone at the same time! Guess, what, tonight, I’m LONELY! boo hoo! I usually LOVE being home alone!

This however, hasn’t been just any week!

Tuesday night at about 10:59, there was a terrible turn of events that threw this week all topsy turvy.

Tara’s best friend/boyfriend (he had just asked her to officially be his girlfriend earlier that evening – they’ve been BFFs for two years) was hit by a car while riding his skateboard home (to his dad’s) from our house. He was here from his mom’s home in NJ visiting his dad and Tara for the week.



He was airlifted to CHOP in Philly. He has some serious injuries, surgery was required, he will have months of recovery, but in the end, if all goes well he should be good as new.

There are many more details, but Justin’s story really isn’t mine to tell!  We are just part of the ripple effect. I have know Justin for two years, I know he is the one person that has ALWAYS been there for Tara and they have a deep connection. I can’t help but care about him and his family as well!

For a 16 year old who has not experienced a serious illness, injury or death of a someone close to her, you can imagine Tara was and still is a mess. We are already battling panic and anxiety issues with her.

Fortunately he was up to a visit from Tara on Thursday.I was off from work, so we took a trip to CHOP. It was good for both of them. I’m always up for an adventure to Philly. Fortunately I’d never had to visit CHOP before. It is a pretty amazing (and huge) hospital. This is the hospital that the little girl Sarah, just received her lung transplant earlier this week after so much controversy.

southstreetbridge (1)

I’m am of course very concerned for Justin, his family, and Tara as well. My instinct is to want to do anything I possibly can to help them, but I am exhausted! What a way to met someone’s parents for the first time!

I’ve learned to ALWAYS make sure I have contact info for Tara’s friends parents. It is so easy to forget about that when kids have cell phones and are many times in contact with their parents while they are with friends.

I also was reminded that LIFE can change in an instant, we should take NO ONE and nothing for granted! This could have been so much worse, and I feared that it might be for a few hours!

So that was my week, how the heck was yours?

It’s time to virtual party with Ann!

I did have an awesome drink when we stopped at Red Lobster for dinner…If I had mint in the house I’d be making one of these babies now! (Note to self, buy a mint plant!)

Strawberry Mojito


1 1/2 oz rum
1 lime, cut into quarters
several leaves of fresh mint
3-4 fresh strawberries
1 tbsp. simple syrup or sugar (You may double that. I like mine on the “less sweet side”)
Club Soda
Muddling the limes and mint for mojitos
Put the lime quarters and whole mint leaves into a tall Collins glass. Using a muddler or strong wooden spoon, gently crush the mint and limes to extract the juice and flavors. When the limes have been juiced completely, remove the spent quarters. Leave the mint leaves.
Crushing the strawberries into the mint and lime
Now add the fresh strawberries and simple syrup to the mint. Muddle again until the strawberries have been crushed. Add the rum and ice. Top with cold club soda, then stir and garnish with fresh mint or a lime wedge or a strawberry slice.

I’m sharing another Imagine Dragon’s song this week. I like this band! “It’s Time”

Now for the party game!

LOL, I’m “No carbs for me Barbie” when in reality, these days, although I should cut out the carbs, I’m more like “Have you Seen my Keys” Barbie (in fact, this morning I had to use my spare set, but apparently my other set were in my purse all the time!)

Which Barbie are you?

“Modern Barbie”
(Use the chart to find which Barbie you are. Use the letter of your first name.)A – C = Sunscreen Barbie
D – F = Is There Gluten In This?
G – I = Lactose Intolerate Barbie
J – L =  Do These Jeans Make My Butt Look Fat? Barbie
M -O = No Carbs For Me Barbie
P – R = Mini Van Barbie
S – V = Have You Seen My Keys? Barbie
W – Z =  Migraine Barbie

Remember, don’t take any minute of your day or anyone in your life for granted!


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  1. IntenseGuy

    I wish Justin a speedy and complete recovery – and hope Tara “sees this” as a huge lesson on how life is… here today, gone tomorrow – and one just never knows…

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