If it’s not one thing it’s another!

I started a few day weekend yesterday, a FOUR DAY WEEKEND working! I worked the holiday and will work both days of the weekend. I do have MONDAY off, and Tara will be away for much of that day!

It is hot, but it is hotter so many other places, I will try to not complain.

I shattered the screen on my IPhone today. I am ready for an upgrade, but there was nothing wrong with my phone, so I was trying to hold out until the next version came out. I put a screen protector over it (I don’t like them….) to see if I can keep it from totally shattering and maybe I can make it another couple of months! It is always something!

Isn't it PRETTY?

Isn’t it PRETTY?

My car requires over $1,000 worth of work to pass PA state inspection. $800 of it is done, hoping a family member can repair the rest (brakes especially) to save me a little on the labor. It’s always something. Still cheaper than a new car and monthly payment! I like my car! Oh, and I’m driving with one expired sticker, so at any time I could and probably will be pulled over by a police officer at any time!

policeTara is in Brigantine NJ, spending the weekend with her “broken” boyfriend Justin. He is still recovering from his skateboard vs car accident. It’s been almost one month. He had both of his casts changed today and should be able to start limited weight bearing. I hope they have fun. Not much they can really do, but they will be together. It was awesome of his mom to drive basically two extra hours to come pick Tara up. I think they needed to get some things from his dad’s too, so it had a dual purpose! I would love to be near the ocean this weekend! One day soon.

Do you watch Big Brother? Lots of controversy this year with house guests being overly bigoted, using racial and gay slurs. If you don’t watch the live feeds (I don’t) or follow those who do on Twitter or blogs, you might never know there was an issue. Two (Aaryn and GM) of the houseguests have actually lost jobs/contracts for their actions in the house. Glad to see that people are being held accountable for unacceptable behavior.

Tonight is our town’s First Friday. Last month it rained like crazy. This month it is just too hot. I am getting old I guess. I’d rather stay home. It’s not like I really have anyone to go with anyway!

I checked Dan Brown’s book, Inferno, out of the library (bookmobile) over a week ago, and haven’t turned a page. I think I NEED to open that book this weekend. I really enjoy his books, and know once I start I will be okay. Most evenings by the time everything is done and I’m ready to relax, my eyes don’t feel like focusing on a book!



Feeling Beachie’s Friday Fill in is in it’s 119th week! Whoo hoo!

This week’s statements:
1. I don’t like rhubarb. (Some one at work mentioned strawberry rhubarb pie today, which I don’t like, so that was the first thing that came to mind)
2. I have a difficult time using false eyelashes. They really are popular now, with many natural looking lengths…. I got them on once, but every time I try now, I get frustrated and give up!
3. I love suspense movies because they keep me on the edge of my seat. Oh, and movies with cute boys like Chris Pine, Johnny Depp and Channing Tatum, just because!
4. I prefer to read magazines because my attention span has not been conducive to book reading lately (see above about Inferno)

I really should end this random babble and go pick that book up right now! I should do something this weekend to enjoy my “freedom” from teenager, but the heat, it’s just too much! Maybe later this weekend!







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  1. IntenseGuy

    Hope you can cool off and relax! I’ve not eaten rhubarb in years – my Uncle used to grow the stuff – in great quantity! We had rhubarb cookie, cake, pie, ice cream, bread… you name it… he put rhubarb in it and then gave it away!

  2. It is hot round here, isn’t it? We spent last week at the shore. The weather was beautiful.
    I worked the holiday and am working all weekend and Monday and Tuesday. What was I thinking??
    My granddaughter broke her ankle at the beach (mini golf.) We have been going out of our way to shuttle her and her boyfriend around..lol..what we do for our kids:)
    I hope you get to spend some time with that book over the weekend.

  3. I want to read Dan Brown’s new book too. Too many books to read. I tried falsh eyelashes once too but couldn’t get them on. Oh well, don’t need them anyway. Have a great weekend.

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