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I’ve been completely distracted from blogging lately. It seems every time I get into a good routine, something happens to distract me! I’m hoping this big black cloud that seems to be hanging over our house this summer goes soon. Many little bothersome situations seem to keep cropping up!

Me being silly at Five Below

Me being silly at Five Below


Tara was gone for five days visiting her friend (boy friend, I guess is the correct title) and except for working, I did little while she was gone! During my down time, I pretty much just sat and stared at whatever was in front of me. Computer, wall, TV, phone. You get the picture. Hot weather, no motivation!

2013-07-14 09.49.23

We did take the drive from home to Brigantine Beach, NJ (just past Atlantic City) to pick Tara up one evening after I got done work. My mom rode with me, and we had a nice drive. it was just about 200 miles round trip and it took about 4 1/2 hrs! I hope that is not my ONLY trip to the shore this summer. It’s not looking good though! A day trip would make me happy. I love the beach in the early morning and evening. Not so much in the day when it is hot and crowded! I had a couple nice pics of the setting sun, but I must have forgotten to get them off my phone before I reset it to trade it in!


Two days later, on July 12th, the summer concert season for Tara and her friends began! I drove Tara and two friends to Camden, NJ for Warped Tour. It was an overcast, and then rainy day. I spent about 8 hours on the top of the parking garage in my car. It was kind of fun. I had DVDs to watch, and my IPhone and IPad to keep me busy! The rain was actually kind of nice! The girls didn’t seem to mind it much either. Much better than the first year Tara went and it was 100°.


Tara and Lani. I don’t think these girls ever take a “serious” photo!


The only glitch in the day was a DEAD car battery! I was careful not to plug my technology in too much, but didn’t realize that there is a light in the back of the mini van that is one when the side door is open. I had that door open quite a bit enjoying the air and breeze! A call to State Farm, and within an hour road side service was there to jump my car! I haven’t had to use road side service in a very long time, and never when I was any distance from home! I had both friends delivered home by 10pm! It was a good day!

Saturday I decided to look into upgrading my phone. You might remember I BROKE the screen on my IPhone! I decided to go with the Samsung Galaxy. I know, I’m a traitor to Apple! I loved my IPhone, but really I needed a change! I am loving the Galaxy. Still trying to figure out all the features.






I “splurged” at a time I really shouldn’t have splurged and Tara got one too. She was having some operating issues with her phone, and I thought we would get the $150 trade in for her phone on the spot. That however did not work out. More on that in my next post! She was a bit frustrated at first. I should no to run fast and far away when Tara gets new technology! She gets so angry until she figures things out! She had 14 days to switch to an IPhone 5, but I think she’s happy with it now.

Tara has been here and there this summer. She sleeps over at a friend’s or friends sleep over here. She has mended some “broken’ friendships and that makes me happy!

We are still watching Big Brother. Not our favorite cast, but Judd is our favorite house guest. I made this for Tara! I got the live feeds for one month so I can keep up with what is going on daily! There is so much that you don’t see if you only watch the three network episodes a week! Again, Big Brother is a summer tradition for Tara and I.


Today was day one of my “weekend’. I doubt by the looks of things at work I will have many actual weekends off for the rest of the summer! We are very short staffed as well as having a very small hours budget for our schedule! As with so many places, do more with less people. I don’t have a problem working hard, but I am afraid if we are too short staffed too often it will impact customer satisfaction!

Not sure what I will be up too tomorrow. If the weather is not too hot and humid I might go on an excursion early in the morning with my camera! I wish I could make my self sit and read. I bought the new Dan Brown Book – Inferno after having the library copy for 2 weeks and not opening it once! I have loved all his books I have read and I know if I can just get started I will have no trouble finishing! Again, I’m having trouble keeping my mind on task!

Well, that’s all for tonight! I’m enjoying having the windows open. It was not as hot today, and with the windows open and a fan on, it was quite comfortable. Tonight I am listening to the choir of crickets and watching the light show of the fireflies out the patio door!







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  1. IntenseGuy

    Hang in there – seems like rough spots come in clumps and then one day they “dry up” and go away (for a while).

    I love the Tiger Lily shot – it’s been an awesome year for them.

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