The End of Summer

It is really hard to believe that today is the last day of August. We are in the midst of the last weekend of the summer. Where oh where did it go?

I’ve had some stressors this summer, that have kept me from being very open to sharing on my blog. I get a mental block when I have too much on my mind, and sitting in front of the computer with my blog open forces me to THINK!

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I have barely left PA this summer, only time I even got remotely near the ocean was two trips “down the shore” to pick Tara up from Justin’s house.


Tara had a busy summer, renewing some friendships here at home, as well as 14 days  in NJ keeping Justin company as he continues to heal. 


One of those stressors really was unnecessary. I was projecting how I felt someone else would react to something, and that paralyzed me a bit. I would go to bed thinking about it and wake up with it on my mind. In the end all is well, and I am glad I can go into September a little less stressed. 


As I watch all the families shop at Walgreens for their school supplies it feels odd that we are preparing for school in a different way. Tara will once again be attending Commonwealth Connections Academy, a PA public cyber school.

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Last  year, particularly the 2nd half of the school year was very rough for her (and me as well). I am hoping that she can get down to the business of learning once again without the distractions and anxiety that being in the physical school environment causes her.


She has some catching up to do to get back on track, but in the end I know things will work out.  I am looking forward to not having to dread getting up every morning wondering if there would or would not be a fight getting out the door to school. Here’s to a more RESTED Martha this school year.

I head into work a little later this morning, but as of 4pm, my Labor Day weekend begins. It is not a three day weekend for me, but I am looking forward to two days off together. It will be a busy day at work, the last Saturday of the month is always the worst with tasks that need to be completed, so the day should fly by!

I was not feeling well last week. Maybe all of the stress getting the best of me? I spent from Thursday – Tuesday feeling like I had just gotten off of a boat. I am guessing some type of inner ear issue? I made it into work every day, but wound up having to leave early on two of those days.

Well, I best get off of here, and start getting ready for work.  I just wanted to take this opportunity to close out August with at least ONE blog post. I am hoping to get myself back to blogging on a regular basis!



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