New Month, New Outlook

I woke this morning to the sound of thunder and rain! I love a good storm and a rainy day when I have no place to be but right where I am.

What are your plans for the rest of this Labor Day weekend? I am going to be laboring, but  at least it will be labor at home, and not at work!

I sit here on my bed surrounded by boxes and piles of stuff that need to be sorted. Things that need to be tossed or donated, and hopefully very little of it needs to find a home here in my room! I guess instead of spring cleaning which never really happened, I am commencing with FALL cleaning.

The are so many of Tara’s things from days gone by that she has outgrown. Polly Pockets, My Littlest Pet Shops, SILLY BANDS, and clothes.  Most will be packed up for a rummage sale at my Mom’s church next month! So many memories, but time marches on!

I am so looking forward to fall weather. There is nothing I like better than cool crisp fall mornings, fog hanging low, and the changing colors of the leaves. For today, I’ve turned on the A/C though. It is really muggy out!

I am feeling hopeful for this next school year. Tara feels that she can learn better without the distractions that traditional school brings. She has some credits to make up from this past year, but I am confident she will step up and do what needs to be done! She will not be isolated, as she has friends that she will continue to spend time with, and who knows she may make connections with new “classmates”. She is still in contact with one of the girls she met in 7th grade, who still “attends” the CCA (Commonwealth Connections Academy).

Whoa, I went to get a link to add here, and an hour later, I am back. I can get so distracted by the internet. I did six things on my “mental” to do list while I was gone! It is crazy how one thought can lead you so off track.

I felt so “paralyzed” all summer by so many things. Some still loom overhead, but my outlook is now, I can only do what I can do!

With that being said, I better get off the computer and get some things accomplished. The clutter is getting on my nerves!



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