28 years ago

my dad passed away.

He was 62 years old.

Dad grew up in Norristown, PA. He was the  oldest of four kids.

He went to Norristown High School.,

Joined the Navy, serving in WWII.


Married my Mom on Dec 8th, 1945 and spent the rest of us life as a devoted and loving husband and father.


He was dedicated to his family and to his job.

He worked for Bell of PA for over 40 years when he retired.


He came home every night after work, unless there was a work function he was required to attend. He was not one to “hang out with the guys.”

He was great father, and grand father. Sadly he did not get to meet any of his great grandkids.

He was a Mason, and a Lion, and elder in his church.


He loved to be outside. I think he even liked mowing the grass. He mowed 3/4 of an acre on foot, no riding mower for him. For years he tended a garden.

He and my mother loved to travel together. He the driver, she the navigator, drink and snack retriever.

Camping was his favorite type of travel. He and my mother traveled many many miles in their camping years. He also loved the time spent on St Croix, USVI.




He almost always wore a hat when outside. He took his “piloting” of his Suburban and travel trailer quite seriously!



When he was relaxing at him, most likely he would be found in his Lazy Boy chair. It was his 50th birthday gift. My mom kept that chair MANY years after he passed.


He taught me to be punctual and never to be late for work, he taught me to drive (that did not always go well) and that whenever you can you should back into a parking place so you can pull out. Sorry Dad, I don’t always follow that suggestion! 

I know I speak for my family. We all miss him very much. I wish we had been gifted many more years than we had with him here on earth.






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  1. IntenseGuy

    It has been a long time since your dad was with you, but you made him seem to come to life with this womderful ttribute. I think I remember him from church but am not sure,.. my memory isnt that good.

    He was a fine looking man and a good one.

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