Song-ography – It’s Not Easy Being Green

I found a new Sunday photo meme – Song-ography, interpreting a song prompt with pictures! I then realized that the hostess, Kath, is another Philly girl.
This week’s song prompt is Kermit’s “It’s Not Easy Being Green”
“…It’s not easy being green
It seems you blend in with so many other ordinary things
And people tend to pass you over ’cause you’re
Not standing out like flashy sparkles in the water
Or stars in the sky…
2006 photo Muppets3DKermit.jpg
Green, I can’t wait until the world around me turns green.
This has been a long cold and WHITE winter.
“It’s not Easy Being Green”, obviously made me think of Kermit made me think of Disney (Disney Hollywood Studios to be exact) and Disney made me think of my favorite time of year, EPCOT’s Flower and Garden Expo. While all these photos aren’t just green….. there is a lot of green in them.
We had a couple “nice” days this week, I sure hope spring is around the corner and we soon start seeing the GREEN spring up all over here!

 photo IMG_5752.JPG
 photo IMG_5749.jpg

 photo IMG_5115.jpg

 photo IMG_5114.jpg

 photo 2006_EPCOT_FG137.jpg
 photo 2005_EPCOT_FG6.jpg
 photo 2005_EPCOT_FG4.jpg




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DANG! Had a whole post written out then some how it didn’t post. Oh well. In short…thank you for joining in at Song-ography my fellow Philly photog! I am your newest follower on your blog…gotta see what your up to in my neck of the woods :). Love that shot of the pink flower in the foreground surrounded by green and bits of Bokeh. Honestly, does anyone do it better than Disney? It’s always perfection there!


Well hello there Phellow Philly Photographer! :). Glad to meet ya, and I’m your newest follower! Thank you so much for joining in at Song-ography. Seriously, does any place do things better than Disney? Just downright beautiful photos. I particular like the shot of the pink flower in the foreground surrounded by green and bits of Bokeh. Curious as to where in the Philly area you live.


It’s so nice to look at photos or sunshine and flowers. I’m ready to see both of those in my own backyard :).

Regards from another Philly Girl!

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