I am going to try something new, and as is par for the course, I am TWO days late. It is however the FIRST DAY off SPRING, which is one of the prompts I have been trying to write about!

Two Shoes Tuesdsay
I found a great new blog Two Shoes in Texas.

A quick glance at her blog and I can tell Josie is an awesome person. She has cats and I LOVE her blog button!

Two Shoes Tuesday provides us with 2 prompt words each week, which we can use to write and essay, short story, poem, etc using one or the other or both words. I am going to give it a try.  

The prompt words for this week are SPRING and BREATHE.


Spring is FINALLY here.

The whole world comes back to life around us in the spring, and it gives hope for better times after the darkness of winter.

Spring officially arrives today (3/20) with the vernal equinox at 12:57 EDT. I might have to go outside and do a happy dance! I think the Robins and other birds are singing a little louder this morning.

I love watching the world around me come back to life. The brown grass and seemingly lifeless trees, slowly return to green. The trees blossom and flowers bloom. Our daffodils are just starting to peek through the ground now that the almost constant blanket of snow has melted. I can’t wait until the first morning I walk out and see their bright yellow blooms.  

While winter makes me want to hibernate and stay inside, spring with it’s warmer temperatures and extra daylight hours invites me to spend more time outside. Grabbing my camera, rolling down the care windows and headed out to a park for a walk is a favorite evening activity.

Spring makes me smile!




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  1. There certainly is something earthily expectant about Spring as mean Winter gives way to hope, of better and beautiful times to come. Great tulips picture.

  2. How delighted I am to see you joining us at Two Shoes Tuesday… it’s not late, I keep the post open for a whole week because life often gets in the way of blogging! 🙂

    This was the perfect post for the prompt and celebrating Spring today! I, too, keep an eye on the time of Equinox and will definitely be sending up cheers and posting a greeting on my Facebook page. It’s been a long hard winter for so many folks this year.

    I absolutely love what you wrote and the pictures you shared, it made me smile, remembering the tulips of my childhood appearing in Mom’s garden. How I wish we had them and daffodils here, but they don’t fare well in our heat of west Texas!

    Yes, let’s get out there and enjoy the season of renewal… Happy Spring!

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