My Day in a Camden Parking Garage…

Too too long again since I have shared photos on this blog. It really is hard to be “creative” in a sense with so much negativity around in our home. It is exhausting just being here sometimes, once I walk back through the door all energy and ambition I might have while I am out is just zapped away.

It is hard to believe that spring has come and gone and we are 1/2 way through summer. As usual we have no big summer plans, affording a vacation away from home is just not something we can do at this point. Tara and I spend lots of time on “road trip” adventures just to kill time out of the house.

As she has done in the past four years, Tara attended Vans Warped Tour in Camden, New Jersey two weeks ago. This is a HUGE all day outside concert with more bands that I can name. It is a great time for Tara and her friends.

This year, as I have also done the past four years, I was the transportation to and from! I learned through experience that it is best for me to stay in the area due to the distance, traffic and uncertainty of how long they will stay. I found that the parking garage is a comfortable place to spend the day enjoying some alone time in my car. DVDs, IPad, books and snacks make the day quite a little get away for me!

I was kept company on this day by the cutest baby Robin’s. They were big enough to be out of the nest, but not yet big enough to fly. Mama Robin was close by all day and I could hear them “talking” to one another.

Looking out over just a small part of the concert venue for the day.

As I was parked on top of a parking garage, I had a great view of what I thought was the Super Moon, however, I was a night early. I got some pretty cool shots of the night before the Super Moon moon!


Philly from across the river.

Ben Franklin Bridge – I went for a walk and forgot to bring my normal lens so I could not get the whole thing in the frame! This is my favorite bridge.

The shark and flower are part of the aquarium.

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