There is a new post about the Art of the Brick at Franklin Institue over at Photos by MAK. I would love for you to stop by and visit! I am half way through my first full weekend off since the beginning of August. It has been a nice relaxing (so far) weekend for me. … [Read more…]

Sundays in My City – Art of the Brick

With Tara working this summer and her active social life with friends, it has been difficult for us to find time for adventures. A couple weeks ago, we both had the same day off and we wanted to do something together. Two things came to mind; The Adventure Aquarium in Camden (I bought an Annual … [Read more…]


Seasons have come and seasons have gone since I last updated this  space. The last 18-24 months here in our home were difficult ones, our home was filled with bad energy and stress. About three weeks ago, the stress producing bad energy was finally removed from our home, and once again, we have peace and something … [Read more…]

Hello Old Friend

I have been gone from blogging so long, I just can’t cut the ties with either of my blogs though, so I faithfully pay for my hosting every month and my blogs sit dormant! I am going to try and start posting my photography more often. I have joined a local photography group on Facebook … [Read more…]