Seasons have come and seasons have gone since I last updated this  space. The last 18-24 months here in our home were difficult ones, our home was filled with bad energy and stress.

About three weeks ago, the stress producing bad energy was finally removed from our home, and once again, we have peace and something that resembles normal, our normal, maybe not everyone’s normal!

I won’t go into details, but, a family member was allowed to move into our home for a “short time” which turned into close to 24 months. It was never something Tara or I wanted, but something my mother insisted on. While our apartment is plenty big for three, a fourth person was just too much. Add to that that this person was a dishonest, arrogant SOB, who took advantage of my mother, the only person left who still “had his back”

As a family, several times we attempted to have him removed, but we were always vetoed by mom. She is the elder in the family, and while I was in my legal rights to have him removed, she had her rights to allow him to stay. This situation would have been a great study in co-dependent and enabling relationships.

The time line of this situation started back in August, 2013, and finally came to an end August, 2015. There were short periods of time when this family member resided with others, but he always wound up back her due to my mom’s love for him and her much displaced compassion. Let’s just say the love and compassion were not a two way street, she received heart break, lies and much disrespect in return.

I now see how easy it is for families to fall into such traps and deep trouble that many times end in violence. I can now see how easy it for older folks who don’t have some one “good” watching over them to be taken advantage of and abused. There were times when both Tara and I feared for our safety and we learned pretty quickly to not leave anything of valuable laying about.

During all of this, last October, my mother wound up hospitalized from a broken femur. She spent a total of three weeks in the hospital recuperating from the surgery and doing rehab. It was tough on us all. For me trying to work, be at home, and at the hospital was exhausting.

I am finding it had to believe it has been 11 months! The holidays came and went, working in retail kind of takes the joy out of the holidays. Winter, Spring, and Summer have past.

I really took notice last nights that the days are getting shorter. By 7:30 darkness is setting in! I love the long days of summer, I don’t think winter would be so bad if the day light hours were not so short!

Since I last blogged, the twins started to walk, turned 1, and now are 20 months old!


Tara turned 18.


We had a health scare for Tara which had her inpatient at CHOP for 4 days. Thankfully misdiagnosed.

Mom turned 91.

2015-09-10_10-37-51_20674734464_o (1)

Tara has one semester to finish high school (due to above illness) and is working as a server at Elm Terrace.

I still work at Walgreens, and finally as we approach the 6th year, our business is really picking up.

That’s it for now, I want to get this posted….

Love and lattes,




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  1. Oh my, what travails. It is very hard to know what is “right” when it comes to difficult family situations. I’m glad it’s now resolved – I’ve missed your posts.

    Tara’s really grown into a young woman now, hasn’t she? 🙂

    I hope YOU are doing well health-wise.

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