Countdown to Christmas – Tis the season

Day #1

Last time I had time to post was back in September! Time is just moving far too fast for me. I feel like one day just blends into the next with little time to enjoy things I love. Sometimes I am not even sure I really know what those things are anymore! Coffee, I enjoy coffee, that is one thing that does not change.

Herz aus Kaffeebohnen

I feel like I am here to just move from one persons crisis or dilemna to the next, and figure out a way to try and keep everyone semi happy. I don’t feel like anyone in our home has really been happy for a very long time.

Thanksgiving came and went with everyone talking about what they are thankful and grateful for this year. I mean, we all are healthy, we have a roof over our head, I am employed, as is Tara and our income is sufficient. These are all things we should be thankful for and I am. There are just things that make day to day life not always so enjoyable. Thanksgiving itself was not without it’s stressors. I was off (which I continue to say every year, I would rather work the holidays.) It is always good to see the twins, (Spencer and Avery), they can usually turn a frown upside down. Avery said “I love you Martha” and that melted my heart.



Our “unwanted” houseguest was gone for 3 months, but against my strongest wishes has returned. Once again unconditional love and enabling to the extreme have won out over common sense and learning from the past.

I have had major changes at work. We had a huge turn over in staff, and just when we were about out of that problem, our store manager, who over four years had also become my friend and someone I could talk too about just about anything was unexpectedly transferred (not that in retail it is ever really expected!). So in the midst of training a new staff, we are also getting accustomed to a new manager. Very nice person, but a completely different management style than the previous.

What used to feel like family, a place that I looked forward to going to is not quite a “homey” right now. I am sure in time all will work out! We have also been crazy busy, it takes longer to do everything with a new staff. Most days I don’t feel like I had a moment to really breathe, let alone eat or pee! Makes the shifts go very fast most of the time!


A favorite photo I took our first Christmas back in PA from Florida. When I wasn’t working and had time to be creative!

I always come up with great photo of blog “projects” in my head at the beginning of a new year, month or season, but after a few days, I get sidetracked. This year, I am going to TRY (no promises) to past something about the holidays each day. A favorite song, memory or recipe, or photo. We will see how that goes. A blogging advent calendar of sort!

Well, gotta run. It is 2pm on my day off and I have acccomplished next to nothing for myself and I need to drive Tara to work in 1/2 hr!










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  1. IntenseGuy

    I’m sorry to hear that there hasn’t been a lot of happiness over your way of late. Having the unwanted house guest won’t help any. I hope you post one of our shared holiday memories! The photo of the manger scene shadows against the church!

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