Countdown to Christmas – Celebrating My Parents

Day #8

(I know, I missed day 7, it is coming!)

On this day, in 1945, my parents were married.

Thanks for all you did for us Mom & Dad. I love you both.


Bill and Betty on their wedding day December 08, 1945

I wish they  had more time together, today would have been 70 years.

While I am sure they had their disagreements, they kept it between the two of them. They were faithfully in love; for better and worse, richer and poorer, in sickness and in health.


My father worked hard, and sometimes long hours. Mom was at home for most of the years that us kids were growing up. She had a job when I was in elementary school, at my school, so she was never really far away! I got my love of driving (at least road trips), my punctuality, and my work ethic from my Dad. Mom and I are as similar as we are different.


My parents loved to travel. They camped throughout much of the US and into Canada, and traveled to the Virgin Islands. They were a team when it came to driving! Dad drove, Mom navigated and kept him feed and hydrated. She would knit when they were on the open road. I loved traveling with my parents, even as a teen when so many kids didn’t want to be with their parents. After my dad passed away, we did some traveling on our own. She was a pretty amazing traveler with her camper on her own! She put a lot of miles on her Suburban and travel trailer!


Dad’s retirement dinner with Mom and Bill 1981



1982 – At the Viet Nam Memorial




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  1. IntenseGuy

    What did your father do? I was just thinking about family and living in the area – my mom and I stumbled over some photos of West Point Park and some of the rides and picnic areas – and she recalled a co-worker that worked with my dad at Turbo (now the lofts) who was overweight and trying to get into the little train car that circled the park. I went to West Point Elementary school and it is now a parking lot for Merck – no sign at all of the school remains. Just like the amusement park.

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