Countdown to Christmas – Time is moving too fast!

I tried! LOL!

I love to blog, as a way of journaling, I wish I could find time do it every day! I really l wanted to share Christmas all month, but Christmas at work is kicking my butt.

Last night I worked my first ever “open until midnight” shift. We had just 2 customers in the two hours we were open past normal closing. I did get things done that I had been having trouble finishing up, with the inevitable interruptions when we have shoppers in the store!

I was exhausted when I got home at 12:30, but except for an aching back, I feel pretty good this morning. Tonight is another late close and then I need to be back at the store by 7:45. It will probably all catch up with my on my day off Thursday.

I have the ideas, but most of the ideas done properly require photography as well as writing. The writing I could do but the photography done right, takes time!

I think I will have to use photos I already have to tell my Christmas story if I want to move it along!

I think I left off around day 7, and now we are just 10 days out! I am ing to try and catch up and will back date my posts so they are at least in order! Cheating I know. The ideas have been in my head!


I had two days off last week, but those just flew right by. So many weeks my schedule is such that I get just one day off, and that many times is just not enough to fully recover!

10 days before Christmas and we still have NO TREE! If where up to me, I would not even put one up this year. I am just really not feeling it the effort it takes! Maybe just a tree with lights and no ornatments?

I have my Christmas cards printed…. now lets see if I get them addressed and mailed! Christmas shopping, two words, GIFT CARDS. Oh, and I just bought two gifts while I was sitting here!

We enjoyed unusually warm weather the past few days. When I came home from work early this morning, it was 66 degrees!

The photos are from a couple years ago, but I felt this post needed a picture or two!




That is all for this post!


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