Sokka The Puppy

Since my mother died on Christmas Eve, I have a lot in my head to say, but the words just don’t come together.

I am trying to keep my blog active, not so much for readers, but for me, this is a huge time of change, not only for my family, but our country as well. I can’t even go there right now!

So that being said, let me officially introduce Sokka the Puppy to my blog!

He joined our family on November 12, rather a spur of the moment adoption, but one we have not regretted (well maybe when he chewed through my daughter’s laptop cord) for a moment.

We are told he is a rat terrier mix…. mixed with what is anyone’s question. Chihuahua, dachsund (he has really short legs), mini pin; we just don’t know! He was born in Mississipi, on August 10, 2016. He was surrendered to a shelter with his litter and came to Pennsylvania through a rescue.

He was just around 6 lbs when we adopted him, and as of Thursday at the vet, he is 10 lbs. He really doesn’t seem to have grown that much in size, but he has a REALLY big personality. He loves everyone, and is a very social puppy, which is what we wanted.

He has brought lots of smiles and love to us since he joined our family, and has been a great distraction in dealing with current situation!

Saturday Critters

Camera Critters

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  1. What wonderful photos of your little sweetie ~ and seems to like the camera ~ thanks ~ losing our loved ones is very hard ~ lots of healing hugs to you and your family ~ your doggie will help ~ adorable ~

    Wishing you a Happy Weekend ~ ^_^

  2. Hello, so sorry for your loss. I hope you think of the happier times with your mom. Sokka is a cute puppy, adorable photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

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