Time is moving too fast….

I can’t keep up with time right now.

So much to do, and I just don’t seem find enough hours or energy in each day to do all that I need to do!

We are quickly approaching our deadline for moving out of our apartment, March 31. Still so much to do, including locking down a place to live. Most places we have been looking at we need to take possesion (aka pay rent) within 2 weeks of the application being accepted. Financially we can’t do that much before mid-March, so we have had to wait until properties with move in dates during that time period came available. We have three on our radar at the moment, but that could change at any moment!

Tara and I both should have no issues transferring jobs, there are plenty of Walgreens in Florida and my job title is always hiring, and Tara has been told by Petsmart that it is super easy to move between stores!

Relocating back to Florida is one of the reasons I have stuck it out at Walgreens. Tara and I have been thinking about moving back to Florida for a year or so. When we moved back “home” from Florida, it was with Mom’s advancing age in mind.  I did not want to be far away as she grew older. She did not want to move to Florida with us. We also wanted to be back near family, but Tara has never really felt like PA was her home. The cold weather bothers both of us more each year. The snows of 2009/2010 were great, but since then we have both pretty much been over it all! I did what I came home to do, and now it is time for Tara and I to build lives for ourselves once again. The past four years we have not lived for ourselves, we lived to make it through the stressful environment that our home had become due to decisions my mother had made. In the end those decisions really came around to impact Tara and I far more than I think Mom ever realized they would.

So much still to be moved out of this apartment, so much stuff to decide whether to move, sell (not so easy) or donate. I would love to just donate, donate, donate, but we also need to add a little cash to the bank account for this move!

My birthday will be here in just 5 days. I have four days off coming up. When I scheduled that time off, I never dreamed that we would be where we are. I actually thought that maybe Tara and I would be able to make a quick trip somewhere. It has been forever since I have been away from home.

Home, it really doesn’t feel like home anymore. It just feels like a HUGE weight bearing down on me every single moment I am here. A weight that some days paralyzes me. I am paralyzed from fear of all of the variables and unknowns right now. There are so many moving pieces of this puzzle that all need to come together just right to make this all work!

Please say some prayers, send good energy and vibes our way.

I haven’t even really been able to fully accept the fact that Mom is gone. From the very next day, it seems that fast balls have been coming at me (us) right and left.

Most days I actually look forward to being at work, because at work, I can only think of work for the most part. There are times when I talk to a friend that stops in or a long time customer acquaintence that knows some of my family story, but for the most part it is all about Walgreens.

I spent two weeks in late January working 10 overnight shifts…. 10pm-6am on a special project. It was work that I enjoy, but that schedule was a killer for someone not used to working overnights! I had a hard time sleeping during the day. By the end of the two weeks, I wound up with a cold that knocked me off my feet (except for work because I can’t really call out!) for another week! I felt like those three weeks were total wasted time in getting important things done.

My days off always seem to have dreary to bad weather. Sunshine helps me be more productive. I have a patio full of boxes that I need to make the sell, donate or keep decision SOON. We need to get working in the apartment, all the rooms, not just my mother’s really SOON. Tara has started to purge her clothes which is a good start!

I will leave you with cute puppy pictures. He is the light of our lives right now. He is a puppy, so sometimes he is naughty, but 99.9% of the time he is just a pure joy!


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  1. Intenseguy

    Any thought on where you might move? Staying local or perhaps moving south? Hope the move goes well – where ever you go.

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