Looking back, moving forward

Somehow, I made it through the first year without Mom. It wasn’t easy, so many other things happened since late on Christmas Eve when she passed. Sometimes I have a hard time realizing it hard time realizing it has been that long. I slowly was losing her the last couple of months, she wasn’t very … [Read more…]

Our Journey to Florida – Part 2

To recap Part 1, Mom passed away early Christmas morning, and a couple of days later we realized that our apartment complex wouldn’t work with us to move to a smaller apartment to finish out our lease… I started researching local apartments, and had plans on checking several out. Having multiple pets meant we would … [Read more…]

Our Journey to Florida – Part 1

(I started this on September 1st, and then Hurrican Irma happened, and two weeks have flown right on by!) In thess than 24 hours, Tara and I will have been at home here in Florida for 6 months. We arrived at 2 am on April 2nd. After a rainy, traffic delayed journey that began at … [Read more…]

Disney Daze

Disney Daze A pictorial journey of our Disney visits. 37 in 140 days! We were able to make multiple trips a week before Tara started working which I am glad we did. Now it is difficult for us to have a day off together! Disney is our happy place. Life is life, whether it is … [Read more…]

4,344 hours

Four thousand, three hundred and forty four hours. At approximately 11:35 tonight, Mom will have been gone from her earthly life 4,344 hours, 25 weeks and 6 days, 49.5% of a year. Some days I forget that it has been that long, other days it feels like forever since the last time I talked to … [Read more…]

Time is moving too fast….

I can’t keep up with time right now. So much to do, and I just don’t seem find enough hours or energy in each day to do all that I need to do! We are quickly approaching our deadline for moving out of our apartment, March 31. Still so much to do, including locking down a … [Read more…]